Cat Spraying and Ways to Stop It

Most of you cat lovers out there will know that cats will keep on spraying at almost everything, including you! This spraying means they are setting their territories - just like how dogs mark theirs. But other times, it is also more than that.


Cat spraying is any inappropriate urination. In a “spraying” scenario, your cat will stand, back up against any wall, door, furniture and spray urine on the surface.


It is best to find out what is causing this behavior in your cat so you can figure out the best way to eliminate it.

Marking Territories

One possibility and the most common to all, is establishing his territory. It is his way of telling other cats that it is his domain.

Confidence level

Spraying also depends on the personality of the cat. Confident cats spray to display victory on his confrontation with another cat. A not so-confident cat will spray as a form of concealed aggression.

Stressful Surroundings

Also, cats are known as control freaks, so stress and anxiety will bring them insecurity and fear. Cats spray because they want to feel more secure. Notice that sometimes the stress comes from nosy neighbor cats.  

Change of Daily Routine

Cat spraying can also be caused by a distraction of your cat’s daily routine. For example, if you go on vacation and a caretaker looks after your cat, your cat will be anxious because you are not there and he will spray on all the things he’s not supposed to.

Cats also spray when there are changes in his life such as an introduction of new pets, visitors, a baby or a new litter box.

Medical causes

Spraying is one of the many ways cats do to communicate. If your cat begins to spray large amounts of urine (which you think is not anymore normal), it’s best to have your cat examined by a veterinarian to determine the exact cause of this.

There are an array of reasons on why this happens including kidney failure, urinary tract stones or crystals, diabetes and arthritis.


Cat spraying can be a pretty hard habit to break once it starts. It is definitely a must-do to stop the spraying before it can actually begin. To be able to do this, you will need to assess your cat & your environment and take steps from there.

Spay or Neuter

Un-neutered / un-spayed cats are the on the top list of cats who spray. If you do not plan to mate your cat (ever), you have the option to spay or neuter your cat.


Believe it or not! Cats will spray as a means of begging for your attention! Spend as much time as possible with your cat. Cats are affectionate and they are needy of your tender love and care! Provide them with a stress-free environment and always (always!) keep stray cats away!

Cat Diapers

Yes! They are a thing! This is one of the most convenient way/ to prevent your cat from spraying on furniture/carpet/mats/places he shouldn’t. While cat diapers may cost more initially, they are a much better value long-term. Washable cat diapers are also more comfortable for cats as they are typically made from stretchable, breathable fabric.

Cat spraying can be stressful and challenging. But caring for your cat properly is definitely a labor of love. Patience and compassion are required for sure. But once you get the hang of it, you and your precious fur baby can hopefully have many happy years together.



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