What Dog Pee Pads Are and How They Work

Dog pee pads also known as potty pads, wee-wee pads, piddle pads, or dog training pads are either square or rectangular layers of absorbent material meant to soak up a dog’s urine mess.

There are different kinds of pee pads out today. All have different features that give pet owners different perks, like the ones that have odor-eliminating scents to reduce urine odors.

if you have trouble taking your dog outside for his bathroom time, this concerning city dwellers and people with mobility issues, using pee pads for potty training is most convenient.


1. Keep your dog on leash and whenever you think he’s about to pee, say any magic word of your choice (pee or potty, for example) and then take him to where the pee pad is and let him do his thing.

2. Successful? Praise your dog for a job well-done. Not so successful? Don’t yell at your dog but take him to the pad instead. It’s best that you don’t install fear i your dog as he will think that it’s okay to pee anywhere he wants as long as you’re not around (so you won't get mad).

3. Stick to a schedule. 15 minutes after your dog’s meal, say your magic word and take him to the pee pad. Also, take him to pee pad trips a few times every day, not just after eating. After a playtime, after a bath, after a short nap - go and just take him there.

4. Practice this routine every day and reward more your dog’s positive behavior and you’re good to go.

But do pee pads really work for pet parents? Here, we have broken down the pros and cons of using pee pads which dogs (and pet parents) can most benefit from, and which potty pads are the best in the market.


  • Dogs get used to it (so they think it’s okay to go inside the house and pee)
  • Causes dogs less likely to fully potty train


  • Comfortable and convenient for dogs
  • Makes easy clean-up
  • Great options for senior dogs/dogs with health issues who are incontinent
  • May work for pet parents who have no access to yard


If you have a dog that must use a pee pad for the rest of his or her life or even just an extended period of time, using Pet Parents® pee pads is certainly the more economical way to go. Since these pee pads are made to be used and washed over and over again, they are tougher and won’t rip or tear when you are changing pads.

We lead with our WickQuick™ fabric blend, StickyPaw™ backing, triple stitch binding, paired with our multi layered approach to protection means clean floors & a stain free home for our fellow pet parents.

But on top of that, all of our products are tested by us & our pets before production so we know they will hold up to actual use by you & your fur babies.

If you have any more questions regarding colors/sizes of our pee pads, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be more than willing to help answer your queries.

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