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Finding the Right Pet Wipes for You

Updated: September 29, 2023

When it comes to keeping your furbaby clean and comfortable, not all wipes are created equal. Pet WiPees™ takes pet care to the next level with a range of specialized wipes that go beyond simple soap and water cleaning.

"Each Pet WiPees™ product is designed with a specific purpose, containing carefully selected ingredients to cater to your pet's unique needs."

Types of Pet Wipes

In this guide, we will delve into finding the right pet wipes for you, discover the exceptional features of Pet WiPees™, and explain why they are more than your average pet wipes.

Pet WiPees™ Dog Allergy Wipes

Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy wipes offer a specialized solution for addressing allergy-related discomfort in your furbaby. These remarkable dog wipes go beyond standard pet wipes, featuring bio-based cleansers, moisturizers and targeted ingredients that help heal and protect. Pet Wipees™ have the added benefit of antihistamines. This key ingredient takes allergy relief to the next level by actively combating the underlying dog skin conditions.

Antihistamines for Allergy Relief: The inclusion of antihistamines in these wipes is a game-changer for pets dealing with dog skin conditions. Antihistamines work by blocking the action of histamines, which are chemicals released by the immune system in response to allergens. Histamines are responsible for your itchy dog, the sneezing, and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with allergies. By incorporating these into the dog wipes, Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy wipes provides targeted relief, helping to alleviate symptoms of an itchy dog and other dog skin conditions and bring much-needed comfort to your furbaby.

Effective Allergen Removal: Beyond their antihistamine properties, these wipes are also engineered to excel at allergen removal. Allergens, such as pollen, dust, and environmental irritants, can accumulate on your dog's coat and skin, triggering allergic reactions. Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy wipes are formulated to effectively clean and remove these allergens from your dog's fur, helping to reduce the potential for allergen exposure and allergic reactions leading to an itchy dog.

Essential Tool for Managing Allergies: For pet parents dealing with dogs prone to allergies, these dog wipes become an invaluable tool in your pet care essentials. Whether your dog suffers from dog skin conditions, seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, or environmental triggers, these wipes offer a convenient and effective way to manage their discomfort. Regular use of Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy wipes can help keep your dog's skin and coat clean and allergen-free, leading to happier and itch-free days.

Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Allergy wipes are a superior choice for addressing allergy-related issues in your pet. Their unique combination of antihistamines and allergen-removing ingredients makes them an essential addition to your pet's care routine, offering much-needed relief and comfort for dogs dealing with allergies. Say goodbye to itching and discomfort, and say hello to a happier, allergy-free pet with Pet WiPees™.

Pet WiPees™ Dog Skin & Coat Wipes

Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat Pet Wipes – the ultimate grooming and skin care solution for dog skin conditions. These adaptable dog wipes are meticulously formulated to cater to a wide range of skin and coat needs, making them an indispensable tool in your pet care routine. Let’s see if Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat is the right pet wipes for you and your furbaby:

Skin and Coat Dog Wipes

Nourishing Skin & Coat: These dog wipes are enriched with a nourishing blend of bio-based ingredients, including Omega oils. Omega oils are plant-based, anti-inflammatory components that enhance blood circulation, encourage healthy skin cell growth, and reduce dog dandruff. They contribute to the development of a lustrous and healthy coat, while also offering protection against environmental stressors. Moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and colloidal oatmeal help to improve hair follicle health. These moisturizers also help aid dry skin, reducing that dreaded dander.

Creating a Barrier on the Skin: These wipes create a protective barrier on your dog's skin, shielding it from environmental pollutants and potential irritants. This barrier is essential for safeguarding your pet's skin against everyday challenges.

Keeping New Irritants Out: By forming a barrier, Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat serves as a proactive defense against dog dandruff, new irritations and dog skin conditions that your dog may encounter. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive skin or those prone to allergies.

With the convenience of Pet WiPees™, you can reduce the frequency of full baths for your pet. These wipes effectively freshen and clean your dog's coat without the need for water, providing a quick and hassle-free grooming solution. These are also ideal for dogs that may have difficulty grooming themselves, such as senior dogs or those with mobility issues.

Pet WiPees™ Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat Pet Wipes are a multi-functional and indispensable addition to your Pet Parents® products. They cater to various skin and coat needs, from promoting a healthier and shinier coat to protecting against environmental irritants. With these wipes, you can ensure your dog's skin and coat remain in optimal condition, leaving them comfortable, fresh, and looking their best.

Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose

Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose is the ultimate solution for a safe, gentle, and effective clean for your feline furbaby. These cat wipes are meticulously crafted with your kitty's well-being in mind, offering a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience without the use of harsh chemicals. Here's a closer look at why Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose might be the right cat wipes for you:

LickSafe™ Ingredients: Pet WiPees™ are formulated with LickSafe™ ingredients, ensuring that your furbaby can groom safely after use. These bio-based ingredients are gentle on your cat's skin and fur, providing a clean and fresh feel without any harsh chemicals.

Enzyme and Probiotic Blends: Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose goes beyond simple cleaning. It contains enzyme and probiotic blends that help protect your cat's skin from possible irritations and cat skin conditions. This proactive approach ensures that your cat's skin remains healthy and resilient.

Anti-Dander Ingredients: Essential omega oils in these cat wipes promote the growth of healthy skin cells. This not only contributes to a healthier coat but also helps reduce symptoms of cat skin conditions like excess shedding and dander, making them ideal for households with allergy-sensitive individuals.

Perfect for Special Needs Cats: These cat wipes are perfect for integrating into your daily routine, especially for cats with unique needs, such as fosters, elderly cats, overweight cats, or those who require a little extra care, like addressing the issue of "dingleberries."

Aloe & Collagen: Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose contains aloe and collagen, which serve as both moisturizers and frameworks for healing your furbaby's skin when they go through cat skin conditions, like cat dandruff. They can also assist in reducing the likelihood of hot spots or addressing dry and itchy skin, ensuring your cat's skin remains comfortable and healthy.

Non-Synthetic Vitamin E: The inclusion of non-synthetic Vitamin E is another remarkable feature of these wipes. Vitamin E promotes the health of your cat's skin and coat by moisturizing, protecting against oxidative damage, and reducing inflammation associated with skin irritation and cat dandruff. Being bio-based, this form of Vitamin E can be more readily absorbed by your cat's body compared to its synthetic counterpart.

Wipes for Cats

Pet WiPees™ Cat All Purpose wipes offer a comprehensive solution for keeping your cat clean, comfortable, and healthy. Their gentle yet effective formula, enriched with a variety of beneficial ingredients, ensures that your furbaby enjoys a fresh and irritation-free grooming experience. With these wipes, you can provide the care and attention your cat deserves, leaving them with a soft, shiny coat and a contented purr!

Pet WiPees™ Ear Wipes

Pet WiPees™ Ear is the essential solution for maintaining clean, healthy ears in both dogs and cats. These specialized ear wipes have been thoughtfully designed to address a wide range of ear-related concerns, from preventing allergies and infections to soothing discomfort and eliminating unpleasant odors.

Preventing Allergies and Infections: Pet WiPees™ Ear is your first line of defense against environmental allergens and irritants that can lead to ear infections in dogs and cats. These gentle yet effective ear wipes are formulated to swiftly wipe away allergens and irritants, reducing the risk of bacterial buildup.

Combatting Bacteria: The unique texture of these ear wipes not only removes bacteria, allergens, and irritants but also helps reduce bacterial populations within the ears. This proactive approach can help prevent ear infections in your furry companion.

Ear Mite Prevention: Pet WiPees™ Ear is particularly effective at preventing ear mites in dogs and cats, safeguarding your pet's ears against these troublesome parasites.

Cleaning Hardened Wax and Debris: These ear wipes excel at cleaning out hardened wax or other debris that may accumulate in your pet's ears. Regular use ensures that your pet's ears remain clear and comfortable.

Moisturizing and Soothing: These ear wipes are designed to moisturize dry or scabbed ears, providing relief and comfort to pets experiencing discomfort. They also offer a cooling effect that can soothe inflamed and itchy ears.

Natural Cerumenolytic Agents: The inclusion of lactic acid and sodium bicarbonate in these wipes plays a crucial role in softening ear wax, making it easily removable. Additionally, they help reduce discomfort associated with hardened ear wax and other debris.

D-Glucitol & D-Mannitol: These natural sugars work in tandem to reduce bacterial populations in the ears, ultimately reducing the risk of ear infections. This proactive approach to ear care is particularly beneficial for pets prone to ear issues.

Pet WiPees™ Ear wipes are your pet's best friend when it comes to dog and cat ear care. With a multitude of pet-safe ingredients and a thoughtful formulation, these wipes are designed for everyday use, providing a gentle yet effective way to maintain clean, irritation-free ears for your beloved furbaby. Say goodbye to ear-related concerns and hello to happy, comfortable pets with Pet WiPees™ Ear.

Pet WiPees™ Gland

Pet WiPees™ Gland is the ultimate solution for maintaining cleanliness and comfort in the sensitive bum area of both dogs and cats. These specialized pet wipes, also known as dog and cat butt wipes, are meticulously designed to cater to a range of concerns, from preventing irritation and allergens to soothing inflamed or impacted glands.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: These wipes can be used as anti-inflammatories to draw out irritants in cases of inflamed, impacted, or irritated glands in your furbaby. This feature provides relief and comfort for pets experiencing gland-related issues.

Ideal for Various Situations: Whether your pet has incontinence accidents, slight leakage, or simply tends to have a slightly dirtier bum, Pet WiPees™ Gland is the perfect option to maintain hygiene and eliminate lingering bacteria on your pet's body or other sensitive areas.

Safe and Non-Toxic: These gland wipes are free from sulfates, alcohols, or parabens, ensuring they are a safe, non-toxic choice for your pet and their sensitive areas. You can use them with confidence, knowing they are gentle on your furbaby's skin.

Bio-Based Antioxidants: Pet WiPees™ Gland is enriched with bio-based antioxidants like cucumber and aloe vera. These antioxidants not only soothe the skin in sensitive areas but also promote healing in cases of irritated or infected skin.

Wipes for Cats

Everyday Routine Bum Cleaning: These wipes are perfect for everyday routine bum cleaning, helping to keep your pet's bum area fresh and comfortable.

Freshen Up Between Diaper Changes: For pets using Pet Parents® Diapers, these wipes are an excellent choice to freshen up in between diaper changes, ensuring your pet stays clean and comfortable.

Epsom Salt: Epsom salt is a natural ingredient in these wipes that helps relieve irritation, reduce swelling, and draw out unwanted allergens and irritants, providing relief for your furbaby's sensitive gland area.

Antioxidants: Plant-based antioxidants in these wipes help reduce inflammation, assist the skin in repairing itself, and promote the healing of superficial skin damage. They also play a role in reducing and counteracting harmful free radicals that can affect the bum area.

Pet WiPees™ Gland wipes are a must-have addition to your pet care routine, especially for pets with sensitive bum areas or gland-related concerns. Their gentle yet effective formula, enriched with a variety of beneficial ingredients, ensures that your pet's bum area remains clean, comfortable, and irritation-free. With these wipes, you can provide the care and attention your pet deserves, leaving them with a happy and healthy bum area.

Pet WiPees™ offers a range of pet wipes that are more than just your ordinary pet wipes. Each wipe contains vet-approved pet-safe scents, our SebumDestroyer™, and FurFresh™ Deodorizer. All made with bio-based, LickSafe™ ingredients with a clear mission—whether it is providing allergy relief, soothing your pet's ears, maintaining oral hygiene, or offering versatile cleaning solutions.By choosing Pet WiPees™, you are not just cleaning; you are actively promoting your pet's well-being and comfort.

"Pet WiPees™ offers a range of pet wipes that are more than just your ordinary pet wipes."