The Pet Parents® Guide to Pee Pads

Updated: May 24, 2022

Many pet parents will refer to dog pee pads in many ways. You may call them potty pads, wee-wee pads, piddle pads, training pads, or many other names but you are looking for an easy, quick solution to a (usually urgent) problem. This is why Pawtect® Pads are the thing you need.

The problem that every pet parent is trying to solve differs from one fur-baby to another, but with pads that protect your home, especially Pawtect® Pads from Pet Parents®, you can ensure that regardless of the issue, you have finally found the solution you’re looking for.

That’s why in this article, we’ll dig deeper and talk about what makes Pawtect® Pads the absolute problem-solver, the potential uses of these pads that you may be unaware of, and what makes Pawtect® Pads a must-have for every home.

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"You may call them potty pads, wee-wee pads, piddle pads, training pads, or many other names but you are all looking for the same thing: Pawtect® Pads, an easy, quick solution to a problem."

What are dog pee pads?

Dog pee pads are either square, rectangular, or circular layers of absorbent material used for various reasons, but particularly for its capacity to soak up any sort of mess, like pee or spilled water.

Furthermore, there are disposable pads and Pawtect® Pads. Though both are made from absorbent materials, Pawtect® Pads are washable, environmentally-friendly, can do everything pee pads can do, and even more! Read on to know why.

What Makes Pawtect® Pads Different?

No shredded mess. These washable dog pads were manufactured using a long-lasting and triple-stitched fabric blend that can’t be easily torn into pieces by your fur-baby like those disposable pads.

Leak-proof. Disposable pee pads are not really able to fully contain your fur-baby’s leaks due to its low standard quality and limited sizing options. With our washable and reusable pads, that is never a problem; Pawtect® Pads are entirely waterproof and leak-proof, no matter what the size of your fur-baby is.

Variety of size options. Disposable pee pads typically come in only one standard size (yikes!) or are only available in limited sizes. But our Pawtect® Pads are offered in a wiiiiide size range, from XS to L. This allows you to find the purr-fect size for your fur-baby.

Limitless Uses. Because of our Pawtect® Pads’ exceptional quality and different size options, these pads become your right hand from the time you bring your new pup home up until their golden years.

Our Pawtect® Pads are washable and can be used for housebreaking puppies, for protecting crates, for pet carriers during trips, as whelping pads, for incontinence, for protecting furniture, for post-surgery, to be placed under food & water bowls or litter boxes. The list goes on!

Two is better than one. Pawtect® Pads come in convenient packs of 2, which may seem random to most, but this number was strategically chosen so you can always have:

  • One down to Pawtect®
  • And one in the wash or one ready to go, just in case!

Blends in well. We know you don’t want to draw attention to the pads laying around your home. This is why we designed our pee pads to consist of modern tan and grey colors, so you will have neutral color options that will blend into your homes instead of drawing unwanted attention to them. Regardless of where they are being placed - on the kitchen floor, living room carpet, or on the couch - it will attractively blend right in with the rest of your home furniture!


The Many Uses of Pawtect® Pads

House Breaking

Pawtect® Pads are a lifesaver while housebreaking or potty training dogs. These pads are extremely helpful for if you...

  • Bring home a new puppy. During the dreadful house training process, you can train your pup to use the puppy pads as a ‘go-to’ spot when they are inside your house or been inside in their kennel for a long period of time.
  • Are an apartment dweller and do not have a backyard or a lawn where your fur-baby can relieve themselves. It is best for your dog to get trained to potty on the pad inside since going outside often for potty breaks is not an accessible option for you.
  • Recently adopted a fur-baby. In a lot of cases, rescued pups aren’t fully potty-trained yet and it will take some time for them to get used to their new home and environment. This results in housebreaking them and getting them into a routine. Dog pee pads are perfect for helping your newly adopted pup get settled in their new home!
  • Have a dog in their senior years who find it difficult to potty outside.
  • Are caring for a fur-baby diagnosed with health issues that hinder them from being able to favorably potty every time on the appropriate places and not make accidents. These washable dog pee pads play a perfect role in preventing messes caused by different health problems, like urinary issues, which helps lessen your stress so you can focus more on your fur-baby’s recovery.

Crate Liner

Pawtect® Pads can make a great crate lining, especially when your dog is confined for a few hours at home or while traveling. Whether you use these pads for your pup’s additional comfort when laying down in their crate or whether you use it as a separate area in their crate for them to go potty, these pads are a great choice!

Note: If these pads are used as a potty area for your fur-baby to relieve themselves in their crate, be sure to stress out the significance of having a separate space in the crate for them to lay down. No pet parent wants to see their fur-baby laying down on their own mess of pee or poop.

Protecting Furniture

Pawtect® Pads are also a smart move for pet parents to efficiently pet-proof their car and their home. We know that the sight of your pet soundly sleeping or resting on the couch or on the bed is usually all fine - until your furniture begins to tear and pet fur is literally everywhere.

So, instead of getting mad and not allowing your fur-baby to be up on the couch, bed, or on the car seat, dog pads are an awesome way to protect your belongings and furniture from claws, muddy paws, and fur because they can be used as furniture covers and as dog bed covers, while still looking nice and blending in.

Whelping Pads

For the pet parents who are preparing for their female fur-baby to give birth or are taking care of a litter, pee pads can also be used as a whelping pad. These can be used as a whelping box bedding and are key in keeping the newborns dry, warm, & away from infection.

Additionally, after birth, the mother continues to discharge lochia (the bloody, mucus-like discharge after giving birth) in the following weeks, these Pawtect® Pads will help prevent her from soiling her litter and the whelping box.

Incontinent Pets

Dealing with incontinence (when a dog loses full control of their bladder or bowel movements) can be scary and exhausting. Pet parents often feel incapable of dealing with it, this is where pee pads come in the picture.

Incontinence happens when a fur-baby is walking, laying down, or resting. If you have your fur-baby lay on pee pads on the couch, dog bed, or floor, incontinent messes can be prevented.

Incontinence is most common for fur-babies who are:

Post-Surgery Pad

Your pet’s way of recovery after operation also involves Pawtect® Pads. They are a great bedding option for their recovery area because according to VCA Hospitals, pets are prone to constant vomiting, peeing, and pooping after surgery (due to the side effects of anesthesia and other medicines).

If you are caring for your fur-baby who is in post-surgery recovery, Pawtect® Pads offer a safe and comfortable place for them to recover while preventing messes from happening in your home.

Under Food and Water Bowls

Yes, Pawtect® Pads can also offer an easy solution if you are one of those pet parents who deal with this small (but very frustrating) problem: those fur-babies who turn into messy little creatures when eating their food and drinking water. All you have to do is place the pad under your fur-baby’s food and/or water bowl and voila! The mess is prevented!

Under Litter Boxes

If you have a cat and they have tendencies to become messy when peeing or pooping in the litter box, then these pads are for you.

Pawtect® Pads placed under litter boxes are intended to catch any of your cat’s “misses”. Dog pads like Pawtect® Pads from Pet Parents® have an odor-eliminating property that helps remove or lightens any unpleasant urine smell. These pads are also very suitable for cats who have tendencies to be messy when using the litter box and end up spilling or trailing the litter all over. The Pawtect® Pads are able to catch the mess, so you can just place the spilled litter back to the box or shake it over your trash.

Other uses we've seen from our pet parents

  • propping it up on the wall so dogs don't mark
  • under plants and Christmas trees to catch water
  • as a doormat
  • as a bath mat
  • as a lining under a refrigerator and shelves in case of spills
  • shopping cart seat cover for your baby
  • using it when grooming at home, to collect excess hair shavings, shampoo, and other products

Washing Instructions

Read about how to wash our products on our washing instructions page. 

"Pawtect® Pads from Pet Parents® have an odor-eliminating property that helps remove or lightens any unpleasant urine smell."

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Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads are superior to disposable pee pads. Even better, these can help you get through every life stage with your fur-baby, making your fur family healthier and happier. So what are you waiting for? Add to cart now and see what these pads can do to you and your fur-baby, and why every home needs them.


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