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How to Have a Safe Thanksgiving with your Pets

Aside from Christmas, Thanksgiving is also one of the most anticipated gathering of the year! It's a time where people come home and be together for the holidays. But even if we feel thankful for the great company, full tummies (with all of that pumpkin pie) and celebration, your furry companions might not feel the same.

"If you decide to feed your pet, don't give her raw turkey for this may contain salmonella"

So, here are ways to have a great Thanksgiving where your pets can feel safe and comfortable all while enjoying their Thanksgiving Day, too. :-)

Keep the Turkey Safe.

Turkeys are everywhere. And your pets will certainly be attracted to the smell of good food. But remember to keep the turkey away from them and place it in places where your furry friends can't help themselves up on the table to reach it (no matter how much of an angel your fur-baby is, the holidays are always a mouth-watering tempting time!).

If you decide to feed your pet, don't give her raw turkey for this may contain salmonella and if you give her leftovers, be extremely careful as bones can be harmful and can cause choking or problems in the digestive tract.

Never Leave your Pets Outside.

Thanksgiving is a busy time and you will certainly be all around the house, and will probably be in and out running errands, visiting family, etc. Around the holidays, ruthless people seem to come around more often to steal packages, or break into homes for Christmas gifts that are being purchased. These people can be a threat to your pet, as they can injure, scare, steal and sadly, kill pets. Make sure your pets are housed safely indoors and be cautious of these things especially around the holidays.

No Bread Dough.

Never ever give bread dough to your pet. Something you may not know, but you should, is that raw yeast bread dough can cause drunkenness in your pet which is a very life-threatening emergency that will require immediate hospitalization.

Update those IDs.

With the number of visitors that will be on your doorstep and visiting your home, it can be possible that your pet will try to escape or wander around and get lost. If worse comes to worst, updated identification tags or pet microchips will greatly help in increasing the chances of your pet being found. But to avoid this from happening...

Keep your Pets Confined.

Putting your pet in a secure crate or room away from the front door will lessen their stress and prevent them from any possible escape. Your unconfined pet may also be tempted to dig around the trash bin for all those leftover holiday goodies and you wouldn't want that!

Diapers and Pee Pads.

Your pet can get overwhelmed and excited on Thanksgiving being surrounded by several people whether it is at your home, or at grandma's house. And too much stress or excitement can make them pee or poop in places they shouldn't be. To avoid having to deal the clean-up of a crazy mess, allow your pet to wear diapers or you can leave pee pads on their confinement area. This will alleviate and help them with their need to pee every time the doorbell rings and or when unknown people are approaching and surrounding her..

Feast Fit for the King.

While you are together with your family and friends eating yummy food and filling your tummies, you can also give your pet a feast of his own. You can offer him a bowl of their favorite dog food and dog treats.

Or you can serve him their usual dinner but with bits and pieces of boneless, well-cooked turkey and vegetables that's safe for them (spoiling is one of the best parts that comes along with being a pet parent).

By being informed about these common Thanksgiving catastrophes, you and your pet will make it through this crazy holiday together. Not to mention you’ll be more prepared for other special winter holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve!

"To avoid having to deal the clean-up of a crazy mess, allow your pet to wear diapers or you can leave pee pads on their confinement area."

Wishing you and your pets a safe and fun THANKSGIVING from all of us at Pet Parents®!

The Author:

Micka V.

Micka Virtudazo is a full-time content creator at Pet Parents who lives with thirteen adorable American Bullies and a Shih Tzu-Maltese mix named Gretel. She especially enjoys writing how-to articles as she feels through this she can connect to other pet parents on a more personal level.

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