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Micka Virtudazo

Are you and your pet family prepared for the holidays?

Holidays are such a joy for the family. But for your furry family members? It can be a lot of stress if you're not able to prepare them well for all the holiday guests and routine changes!


While preparing for all the fun, your pets should also remain happy and healthy. Let these tips bring you and your furry buddy a stress-free holiday!

Assess his socialization skills.

Your house will be filled with guests your pet probably never remembers or never had an encounter with before. Before anything else, assess. You need to assess if your pet takes in guests in a relaxed manner or he shows fear/aggression whenever a stranger rings the doorbell. In this case, you will know when a confinement area is needed.

Keep your home safe.

Pets are curious and they will become so fixated on the things we bring home for the holidays like trees, wreaths, presents and decorations. It's our responsibility as pet parents to make sure these items are not easily knocked over/ easily reached by our pets. We also have to keep sharp items away from them to avoid them from swallowing it / hurting themselves in the long run.


Offer food and water.

Trying to stay warm takes up a lot of your dog or cat’s energy. Regularly check that fresh, cool water is available to them. Your pet may also need extra food during the winter months, too! You know your pet well so you will know whether or not they're looking for more food.

Provide a safe place.

A safe place is always helpful during the holidays. If your cat/dog rushes into a particular area in your house to try to hide from visitors and loud noises, let him stay there. They are considering that to be their safe place. It can also be good for them if you can provide them a bed placed inside a closet, under the table or in a small room.

Update IDs.

Make sure your pet has an updated identification tag on or a microchip, to lessen stress if he were to go missing/run away. You also shouldn't ever leave your pet home alone for long periods of time; if you are going somewhere else to celebrate the holiday and leaving your pet at home, find your furry friend a reliable sitter or you can always bring him with you.

Prevent a possible escape.

At some instances, escapes can still happen even when you least expect it. Prevention is for possible escapes is always better than any search to happen over night, you can provide a confinement area. You can place your pet in a crate for the meantime. The crate should be large enough for him to stand up, sit down and change positions.

Use diapers and pee pads.

Fearful behaviors in furry family members will include shaking, trembling, hiding, salivation and frequent urination. They will struggle and will definitely not want to go outside at all (yes, even to potty!). But you can always plan ahead. Let them wear the Pet Parents® dog diaper belly band or cat diapers for a mess-free holiday! You can also make use of the pee pads to put inside their confinement area/safe place, in case they find the need to take a 'break'.

You know your fur-babies best, and you will know how to manage when the holiday hustle and bustle begins. When you are in doubt, keep in mind that safety and lots of love and snuggles are always a good idea to make it through the holidays together.

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