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Gnawtlers® and Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements Together

As pet parents, it's easy for us to identify whether our fur-babies are feeling happy, bored, calm or anxious. Unpleasant things and experiences for our fur-babies can stress them out and heighten their anxieties. If this worsens, it can greatly affect your dog's day-to-day activities.

Gnawtlers® and Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements

But we, at Pet Parents®, have come up with excellent and high-quality products that work well together to calm down your anxious dog, in different stressful situations - the Gnawtlers® and Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements.


These two products work best in calming down your fur-baby and making him feel more relaxed on episodes of anxieties. Anxieties can differ from one dog to another. Your dog can either have behavioral anxiety or situational anxiety or both!

Behavioral anxiety is when your dog is anxious regarding something like being stressed out whenever you're away or he's separated from you. This type of anxiety is common in dogs who've had bad occurrences, traumas, and abuses in the past. Signs can include but not limited to: excessive barking over nothing, aggression towards other dogs, animals, or people, shows a little to no interest of things he used to enjoy, and destructive chewing.

Situational anxiety is when your dog is anxious over something specific like hearing loud noises, traveling, taking a bath, going to the vet, etc. This type of anxiety is usually because of sudden changes in your dog's daily routine that makes him extremely uneasy. Signs can include but not limited to restlessness, pacing, excessive barking, crying, trembling, shaking, easily startled, and destructive chewing.

Both types of anxiety show signs of destructive chewing where your fur-baby's frustration is expressed and this is when Gnawtlers® and Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements come in.


As destructive chewing becomes an outlet where your fur-baby exhibits his fear, stress or anxiousness, it can be inappropriate when he decides to chew on unsafe things that can splinter, choke him or injure his gastrointestinal tract. To avoid having to face this danger, provide appropriate dog chews for him.

As there are a lot of chews in the market available today, it is recommended that you choose only the best. Gnawtlers® are premium elk and deer antler chews that are safe, long-lasting, odorless and nutritious. As chewing accomplishes a number of things for a dog, it combats boredom and can relieve anxiety or frustration.

Complementing these chews best are Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements that are also a great solution for dog anxiety. These supplements can be provided to your fur-baby during stressful situations to help him remain calm and relaxed. It also helps reduce a fur-baby's stress, fears, and destructive behaviors (like destructive chewing, yes!).

Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements specifically:

  • promote relaxation & relieves brain waves before adrenaline thrusts in
  • manufactured with soothing essences that calm your fur-baby
  • help the nervous system & brain function well during stressful situations.

When your fur-baby is dealing with stress and anxiety, Gnawtlers® will be his outlet of relief while Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements is working its way to calm down your dog. Both work well together in helping alleviate and better the symptoms that come with stress and anxiety, particularly destructive chewing.

Gnawtlers® and Pet Parents® Dog Calming Supplements go hand-in-hand! So you and your furry friend are on your way to a happier and healthier life.

The Author:


Micka Virtudazo is a full-time content creator at Pet Parents who lives with thirteen adorable American Bullies and a Shih Tzu-Maltese mix named Gretel. She especially enjoys writing how-to articles as she feels through this she can connect to other pet parents on a more personal level.

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