How Dog Diapers and Belly Bands Can Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life (While Saving Your Sanity and Furniture)

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There was a time when diapering a dog seemed like only something a very eccentric pet owner would do. But times have changed, and more and more people have recognized that dog diapers and belly bands can help add quality to their dog’s life.

Dog diapers and belly bands are beneficial in many different scenarios throughout all stages of your dog’s life, from the puppy stage, to adulthood, to seniority. Let’s take a look at some of the medical and behavioral common use cases of these pet products.


Potty-training can be a stressful process for both you and your new little fur baby. While diapering your dog in this situation is only temporary and won’t replace the basics of house-training, it can alleviate unwanted messes until your baby gets the hang of things.

When using diapers for potty training, it’s important to first make sure your dog understands the concept of relieving themselves outside instead of inside. Wearing a dog diaper or belly band essentially “reminds” your dog that peeing and pooping are for outside only. And, when you remove the diapers and they successful go outside, remember to praise them!

Excitement Urination

Once a young dog becomes house trained, there may still be times when they become so excited they accidentally pee without squatting or lifting their leg. This usually happens to adolescent dogs during playtime, when they greet you after work, or when a stranger comes into the house. Dogs will usually grow out of this behavior and gain better control over their bladder. A dog diaper or belly band will protect your furniture, floors, and even your shoes from getting ruined in the meantime.

Dog Diaper


Like people, dogs are incredibly social creatures that have their own way of communicating with each other. One way dogs communicate is through urination. By urinating on something, say a bush, fire hydrant, or your mother-in-law’s Hummel collection, your dog is basically saying to all other dogs, “Hey, listen up, this is mine so go get your own bush, fire hydrant and Hummel collection!

Both male and female dogs will mark, though it’s far more common in male dogs. And even if they are house broken, there will still be those times dogs will choose to show their dominance, like when you suddenly bring home a new male dog from the shelter. Again, diapers and belly bands are a “friendly” reminder to your dog to take it outside.

Dogs in Heat

Though all breeds vary, female dogs will generally come into their first heat cycle between 6 and 18 months of age. This heat cycle will last for approximately two weeks and during part of this time, a female dog will discharge blood. Many breeders with unspayed dogs will use diapers to contain the bleeding as well as to prevent any unwanted pregnancies.

Senior Incontinence

Like people, many older dogs lose the ability to control their bladder. Some dogs may even experience fecal incontinence.

There are different medical conditions that can cause urinary incontinence including hormonal imbalance, urinary tract infections (UTI), weak bladder sphincter tone, age-related senility, and spine-related injuries or degeneration. If your dog has shown signs of incontinence, it’s important to have your vet check them out to be diagnosed and treated. Fortunately, with diapers and belly bands, your dog can still enjoy his or her golden years.

Washable dog diapers and belly bands are small investments that can help improve your dog’s quality of life while protecting your home and sanity. If you’d like to buy dog diapers and belly bands, please visit our products pages where you’ll diapers and belly bands for all sizes of dog.

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