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How to help my skinny dog gain weight?

Your dog might be skinny or a friend's dog is, leading you to this article. If so, the dog could be going through a lot of health problems like inactivity, loss of interest in activities he loves, dull skin & coat, and reduced muscle mass.

underweight dog

No pet parent would ever want that for his fur-baby. As much as possible, you'd want to bring him back to shape immediately for him to be able to run, jump, chase, and play again. Helping your dog gain weight wouldn't be that easy especially because most skinny dogs lose their appetite and will not want to eat more.

Here are things you can do:


Always make it a point to consult with your vet. Your fur-baby's decreased body weight can be a symptom of an underlying health condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated properly.

Also, you need to be able to identify your dog's ideal weight. A lot of pet parents are not sure what their fur-baby's ideal weight is. Ask your vet on how to calculate your fur-baby's ideal weight by using the Body Condition Scoring (BCS), a conventional veterinary tool for assessing the physical conditions of pets. Identifying your skinny dog's ideal weight will allow your veterinarian to plan on accurate and safe feeding amounts and schedules.


As you are feeding your dog more calories, the more he'll be needing exercise to burn those extra fats. Always try to incorporate exercise in your fur-baby's day-to-day activities, as simple as walking, running, and playing can do him so much good. Exercise will help your dog maintain a weight that's a good combination of muscles and fats. It also helps stimulates his appetite.

If your dog is going through some health conditions, ask your vet on how you can possibly incorporate exercise without causing any harm. Remember, safety first!


Providing your skinny dog with trusted supplements will help boost his health. Consider giving your fur-baby Pet Parents® 5-in-1 Multivitamin Supplements that contain enzymes, Niacin & proprietary probiotic blend (1 B CFU) that help support proper digestion & bowel health and maintain a healthy intestinal tract for better appetite.

You can also consider Pet Parents® Probiotic Supplement that has a pumpkin for dogs that's loaded with fiber, vitamins & minerals that help support proper digestion & absorption. Pet Parents® Probiotic Supplement supports proper digestion in your customer’s dog as well as the proper distribution of vitamins and minerals throughout the body. It also helps aid your dog's body process with critical nutrients like Vitamin B12.

Probiotics are also known to synthesize important hormones that can support a fur-baby's body system and help balance out the helpful and harmful bacteria.

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