Puppy Pee Pads and How They Make Lives Easier

If you're not familiar with puppy pee pads, they also go by the names potty pads, piddle pads, potty pads, and dog training pads. Pee pads are layers of absorbent materials. The best part about it, they can save your house from messes!

puppy pee pads

These pee pads are made to soak up any sort of mess your puppy does, but how do these help make the lives of pet parents a whole lot easier? Let's find out!

The Good Things about Puppy Pee Pads

Pee pads are made to soak and absorb pee accidents of your fur-baby and make your every day a lot easier so you won't be able to go after all those messy cleanups.

As a matter of fact, pee pads are:

Very convenient. You can place it under your dog's cage, on your dog's bed or carrier, or anywhere your dog likes to lounge around! Pee pads can also be very convenient especially for senior dogs, for dogs with mobility problems, paralyzed dogs, dogs suffering incontinence, and puppies who're still getting used to the hang of things.

Instant potty spots. Most puppy pee pads are manufactured with built-in attractants that attract and encourage your fur-baby to pee on it instead of peeing on inappropriate places like on the floor, on your bed, on the couch, or on your newly dry-cleaned carpets!

Also, during extreme and inclement weathers, we are pretty sure that both you and your pup wouldn't want to go outside just to potty. Pee pads can be your dog's indoor bathroom option so that no stressful trip outside will be necessary.

Pee pads can also be instant potty spots for pet parents who live with their dogs in apartments or for those who live in houses that don't have access to lawns or private yards.

Easy to clean-up. There are actually two kinds of pee pads - the disposable and the washable. Though the thought of easily throwing away used pee pads can be enticing, it's not environmentally-friendly as these will just add up to tons of non-biodegradable wastes dumped in the landfill. A greener and more economical way is to use washable pee pads where you can just wash it off so easily, let it dry, and reuse them again.

Also, washable pee pads are heavy-duty and can't easily be shredded by your bored or anxious dog.

Super-absorbent. Puppy pee pads soak up your fur-baby's pee so very quickly, giving you extra leak protection.

Made with odor blockers and eliminators. As pet parents, it is our major priority, too, keep the house in one piece not only in regards to the accidents but also with the smell. Well, the good news? Most Pee pads actually contain odor blockers and eliminators that trap the smell of urine that ends up stinking up your house. Even if the pee pad has been used a couple of times already by your dog, you don't have to worry about any nasty smell.

In Action: Pet Parents® Washable Pee Pads

Many pet parents are probably unaware that washable pee pads even exist! Many are used to having to go through one disposable pee pad after another while dealing with cheap quality that doesn’t always prevent the entire mess. But thanks to Pet Parents® Washable Pee Pads, many lives are about to get a lot better.

High-quality & leak-proof. Disposable pee pads usually result in a yucky mess in your home because your pet’s urine can completely leak through it. With our washable pee pads, that is never the case; they are completely waterproof and leak-proof, regardless of the size of the dog using them (because we have a wide array of sizing options that best suits your dog).

Durable. With Pet Parents® Washable Pee Pads, your dog won’t be able to easily shred it. They are reusable, and overall much more efficient and versatile than disposable pee pads. Our washable pee pads are triple-stitched and designed with a thick and durable fabric blend, which means they can’t be easily chewed up like disposable pads usually are. What more could you want?

It has limitless uses. Because of our puppy pee pads' exceptional quality and different size options, your can actually use them from the moment you bring your new pup home all the way up to when that pup hits its senior years.

Furthermore, Pet Parents® Washable Pee Pads are perfect for:

  • Housebreaking puppies
  • Senior dogs, paralyzed dogs, dogs with mobility issues
  • Protecting crates
  • Bedding for pet carriers during trips
  • Traveling
  • Incontinence
  • Protecting furniture and cars from pet fur, claws, & smell
  • Lining kennels and playpens
  • Post-surgery management
  • Under food/water bowls
  • Under litter boxes
pee pads

We know that there may be a lot of puppy pee pads available in the market today, but after digging your way through this material, we’re hoping that you share the good stuff that you found in our pee pads and how they actually work to help you improve your fur-baby's quality of life while keeping your home clean and your pet family happy!