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When it comes to pet breeding, things can get doggone stressful for both you and your dogs and cats! There are several key things dog owners need to know about different breeding operations and how to be a responsible breeder.

Whether you are dealing with a breeding cat or a breeding dog, or you're wanting to pure breed a certain dog breed or cat breed, there are many hormones involved on both sides, male and female (yikes). In order to successfully breed those precious purebred dogs, there are many things to keep in mind; potential health problems, behavior problems, hip dysplasia in female dogs, special pet food, genetic defects, different breeding programs, pet overpopulation problems; the list goes on!

Check out the different articles below to help you with what you need to know when it comes to pet breeding (or if you decide that maybe this isn't something you are up to, check out our spay neuter articles).

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