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Cat diapers are a must for pet parents. These washable diapers can be used for all cats; kittens, senior cats, male cats, female cats, small cats or large cats, and there is a lot to know about them.What are cat diapers? What are they used for? Will they fix the problem of my cat not making it to the litter box?

What kind of kitten diaper does my fur-baby need? Should I use baby diapers, cloth diapers, disposable diapers or machine washable diapers? Do they come with a super absorbent pad? Are they leak proof with elastic gathers? Don’t you worry!

We provide you with all the answers and much more on these piddle pants for cats in the articles below, and once you learn more and you correctly measure your cat for the right cat diaper size, find your best kitty diaper option, and place it on your cat - Boom! All cat spraying and cat incontinence problems are long term solved.

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