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As a cat owner, you know that cat spraying can be a real and smelly issue. Cat urine spraying can be a result of a variety things; your cat feels stressed or unhappy, it can be a marking behavior where they want to mark their territories, amounts of urine in the litter box, urinary tract infections, cat food, neighborhood cats, neutered male cat spraying, other cats in the household, acting out female cats, areas where the cat doesn't like change/is afraid of, etc.

No one wants to walk into their home and get a whiff of cat pee, am I right? Or to be worried about the thought of friends avoiding your home because, well, you're ‘that person’ whose home is known to have a terrible stench to it because your cats mark. But don’t worry! Thanks to the articles below that provide you with a variety of cat urine marking and cat spraying solutions (i.e. synthetic pheromones) and explanations, you don’t have to stress about being ‘that person.’

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Cat Spraying