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Articles related to Spot Marking

Ahhh! One of the biggest struggles there is when it comes to being the mom or dad to a male (and sometimes female) adult dog: dog marking.

Whether it’s dog pee on the curtains in your living room or your guests’ shoes by the door - male dogs and female dogs scent mark. It can be infuriating, smelly, and annoying. Something that makes it even worse is not knowing the actual cause. Is it to mark their territory or a sudden behavior modification? Is it because of separation anxiety? Is he doing it to submissively urinate? Is it because a female dog is around? Does she have a medical condition or is it strictly a marking behavior? Does he or she need spayed or neutered? Are they marking in response to a change? So many questions!

Save the relationship between you and your dog and prevent pet odors from being all around your home by reading the articles below on urine marking and learn what your best solution is, whether it is restricting your dog, confining your dog, or anti anxiety medicine, etc. and other things you need to know when it comes to dog marking.


spot marking