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Does your dog sit there with his big ole sad puppy dog eyes as you’re walking out the door? Does he guilt trip you in bringing him along with you?

I’m sure many of you pet owners are nodding your head. Fear no more, we know traveling with your dogs and cats can sometimes be stressful because you want to make sure you keep your pet safe and have an ID with contact information, food and watering necessities, travel crates and pet crates, pet friendly hotels, seat belts, medical records, health certificates, and the list goes on and on. It is also important to know the best way to air travel when your pets fly with you, how to check your pet or bring your pet on a plane. Or if it is just best to leave your pet at home!

That’s why we have provided you with some guidance on things you might need to know when traveling with your pet. Check out the pet travel articles below.

Safe travels!

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