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Ahh! The word we all dread as pet owners: incontinence. When dog incontinence or cat incontinence occurs, it can be a real doggone pain - especially knowing the root issue can be a wide range of things: bladder infections, behavior problems, spayed female dogs, medical conditions, medication that increases urine, urinary tract infections, spinal cord issues, the list goes on!

Is your dog dribbling urine in his sleep? Has he leaked urine on your nice (now smelly) cloth couch? Has your cat suddenly started cat spraying? Are you constantly asking yourself, “Why, why, why does this keep happening?” A common misconception is that this only happens with older pets, but urinary incontinence doesn't discriminate, it happens whether you have a young dog, middle aged dog, or older dog.

But don’t worry our fellow pet parent, please take a look at the articles below on different pet incontinence problems and urinary incontinence in dogs solutions, and whether or not it's time for a physical examination!

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