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No one wants to be ‘that’ house. And by ‘that’ house I mean the one that your friends might avoid because if they sit on the couch they might get an unpleasant whiff of pee.

And yes, as we all know, one thing that comes along with having a pet is usually a struggle with pet urination problems in female dogs, male dogs, and in cats. Whether it's submissive urination, bladder infections, kidney disease, common medical problems, dribbling small amounts of urine, urinary tract infection, a dog who needs house trained, bladder stones, or other pet health issues, chances are as a pet parent you will deal with urinary incontinence.

Save your home from being ‘that’ house because your cat or dog urinates in various places of it, by checking out the pet urination articles below to learn more about how to avoid, prevent and find solutions to pet urination problems in dogs and cats.

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