Articles related to Newborns

Yep, it’s time to prepare yourself for all of the ‘aww’-ing that comes with bringing around newborn puppies or newborn kittens! If only taking care of them was as easy as adoring their cuteness, am I right?

Caring for newborns can be stressful, as there are several things to know and do when kittens and puppies are born: knowing healthy birth weights, body temperatures, body weights and weight gains, using heat lamps, heating pads, warm water and milk replacers, and when to use solid food and the amount of feeding times a day. The list goes on! On top of taking care for young puppies and making sure the puppy develops successfully, you also have to ensure your mother dog is healthy too and that she is taking care of them because the puppies depend on her.

But, as always, you should never worry because we got your back in the articles below (whew!) – they will provide you with helpful insight on newborn puppy care, whether they are 24 hours old, or weeks of age.

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