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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Cats

We are just a few days away from Thanksgiving and since it is one of the most-awaited family get-togethers, you will probably want to learn about Thanksgiving safety tips for cats just so your furry family members are safe during the celebration.

Let’s talk about the many threats during Thanksgiving that might pose danger to your cat and how you should go about this.

"Pumpkins and decorative corns are the most common Thanksgiving decors. Although they are not toxic to your cat, ingesting too much can make your kitty cat suffer from a gastrointestinal upset."

Keep Away Cut Plants and Flowers

Cut plants and flowers make beautiful decorations during Thanksgiving but most of these are harmful to your pet cat. An example of these are lilies. Lilies are toxic to your fur-baby and even direct contact in small portions can be deadly. Other toxic plants and flowers to cats include daffodils, chrysanthemums, and tulips. Also, be careful with other popular Autumn plants decoration like the crocus and acorns from oak trees.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals maintains a database of toxic plants and flowers. If you are not sure whether your Thanksgiving decors pose dangers to your cat, you may check out the database or place them somewhere that is out of your cat’s reach. If you suspect your fur-baby has ingested a poisonous plant, think fast. Contact your veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic right away.

Avoid open flames

The saying “Curiosity kills the cat” is true. Cats are curious animals. If you keep open flames as Thanksgiving décor, there is a huge possibility that they may burn or injure themselves.

Be sure to blow out candles if you are not in the room and always keep a guard in front of a fireplace. Open flames may also bring fire hazards to your celebration in case your cat knocks them over.

Be careful what décor you use

Pumpkins and decorative corns are the most common Thanksgiving decorations. Although they are not toxic to your cat, ingesting too much can make your kitty cat suffer from a gastrointestinal upset.

You will also want to be careful in putting up Thanksgiving decorations that are small and can easily fit in your fur-baby’s mouth as these could be choking hazards. Additionally, be mindful of shiny and glittering decors, like glass ornaments and sequins. Cats easily get attracted to shiny things! Cats like shiny things because they are attracted by the glow of the object. Keep these out of their paw’s reach.

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Skip the table foods

We know you just can’t resist giving your cat Thanksgiving food from under the table. Though some cats are okay with human foods, others may not be able to tolerate it. Plus, some human foods can be exceptionally harmful to cats. According to the Cat Hospital of Tucson, the following are some Thanksgiving foods that are life-threatening to cats:

  • Onions, garlic, and chives. These may be an excellent way to add more spice to your signature Thanksgiving dishes but these ingredients are dangerous to cats.
  • Turkey skin. Due to the high-fat content of turkey skin, it can easily cause pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), which can become a life-threatening condition.
  • Bones. Your cat may enjoy chewing on bones but these can cause an obstruction in your cat’s gastrointestinal tract, which may demand surgery. Bones also easily break into pieces and may cause irritation to the esophagus.

Secure all strings

Cats love strings! This is practically so because strings and other string-like items move like mouse tails, lizards, or other small prey, igniting their predatory senses, making it almost impossible for them to resist it.

Strings and other similar string-like objects (like ribbons and threads) can cause great danger for your pet, according to PetMD. These items, when ingested, can become caught up in your fur-baby’s intestinal tract. So, be sure to tuck away any string-like objects after use.

Consider safe costumes

Some pet parents enjoy dressing up their cats during Halloween and other holidays. If you are considering a cute Thanksgiving outfit for your fur-baby, make sure you dress them up safely.

See to it that the costume you will be letting your cat wear is not too tight that it limits their movements and causes them breathing difficulties. And not to loose that it just easily falls off and dangles.

You can also pair your cat’s costume with our Pet Parents® Washable Cat Diapers. Pet Parents® Washable Cat Diapers help prevent messes and accidents during Thanksgiving, plus they come in different colors that you can mix and match with your pet’s costume!

It is also best if you have your fur-baby try on their costume first before that actual big day so that your fur-baby can get used to it. If your cat does not seem to be comfortable with the costumes they’re wearing, just skip it.

Watch out for escapes

Your cat may see the in and out of your guests as a window of opportunity to slip out your door. Cats get easily stressed out with new people and new settings, not to mention the hustle and bustle and the noise that comes with Thanksgiving celebrations. Make sure your cat is microchipped and wearing updated identification tags in case of an escape.

It may be a good idea to keep your kitty in a crate or enclosed room and notify your visitors in advance to always keep the doors closed. If you are keeping your cat contained, make sure they have a comfortable place to relax. We recommend placing a Pawtect® Blanket in your cat’s bed or favorite hideout to provide a comfortable spot. Pawtect® Blankets are waterproof and made from Sherpup® fabric for ultimate softness and coziness for your fur-baby.

Prepare for emergencies

No matter how careful you are, some accidents and mishaps can still occur. To prepare well in case of an emergency, ready your pet’s first aid kit together with the contact number of your veterinarian or of any emergency clinics nearby. This will help you do the right things with urgency, instead of still rummaging through your phone book in the middle of a crisis.

Also, keep in mind to remain as calm as possible if anything bad does happen. Panicking will only hinder you from thinking and acting properly.

"Pet Parents® Washable Cat Diapers help prevent messes and accidents during Thanksgiving, plus it comes in different colors that you can mix and match with your pet’s costume!"

Thanksgiving is a great time to celebrate your family, friends, and furry friends and celebrate the blessing of the past year. Knowing how to keep your fur-baby safe in the upcoming holiday season. Enjoy this Thanksgiving with peace of mind knowing you are prepared for the big day and for the rest of the holidays to come.

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