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The Pet Parents® Guide to Extendrs®

Is your fur-baby caught up between two sizes in Pet Parents®' current diapers or belly bands sizing? Want a more comfortable fit but can’t decide which size to purchase? Extendrs® are your lifesaver!

Here, we’ll go talk about Pet Parents® Extendrs®―what they are, the many cases they can be used for, and why they are the newest life-saving pet accessory you must have for your fur-baby.

Extends of dog nad cat diapers

The Pet Parents® Extendrs®

Pet Parents® Extendr® are exactly what they say they are: extenders for your fur-baby’s cat diapers, dog diapers, or belly bands, giving your pet a better fit. What makes it even better? Extendrs® are made with the exact high-quality materials as Pet Parents® diapers and belly bands. This gives you the assurance that your fur-baby and your home will remain mess-free and accident-free even with an extended size of your fur-baby’s diaper and belly band.

When Should You Use Extendrs®?

Extendrs® are specifically-made for fur-babies who are in between sizes in diapers and belly bands, as every pet’s body is different. A too-tight diaper or belly band that leaves no slack is one of the top causes of leakages, diaper rash, and urine burn! While a loose one will have the tendencies to fall off and create accidents & messy cleanups.

Extendrs® will be able to extend your fur-baby’s diaper or belly band from up to 8 inches, giving you the freedom to customize it to better fit your pet. Finally, no more fur-babies wanting to take off a close-fitting diaper or belly band. And no more pet parents struggling to make them stay on.

Still in doubt whether Extendrs® will work for your fur-baby? Our Extendrs® are offered in a wide range of sizes to suit every fur-baby body type. Extendrs® have four variations: One pack to be used for diapers and the other three to be used for belly bands. These are available in the following sizes:

Extends of diapers pet size chart

What Makes Extendrs® One-of-a-Kind?

Here are just a few reasons why Pet Parents® Extendrs® help make our diapers and belly bands better than the other belly bands and pet diapers out there:

  • Extendrs® use durable, fur-safe hook fasteners that do not require to be covered fully.
  • Customization is all yours as you can just simply connect the hook and loop fasteners as little or as much, depending on your fur-baby’s size.
  • It is available in a lot of colors that will match perfectly with your fur-baby’s current dog diaper or belly band color.

The Many Use Cases of Extendrs®

If your fur-baby is caught in between sizes, a too snug or loose diaper or belly band is a major pet parent dilemma and this is where Extendrs® come in. But did you know that it also has many other uses?

Extends Your Diaper or Band. Extendrs® will extend your pet’s current diapers or bands extend size to a size that will fit them better and make them feel comfortable wearing it.

When you purchase Pet Parents® diaper or belly band, you measure your fur-baby’s waist. But some pets are caught in between two sizes. Here is when Extendrs® come into the picture. Pet Parents® Extendrs® extend your fur-baby’s diaper or band to the length you may need to fit them just right.

Note: Extendrs® are not a replacement for the accurate diaper or belly band sizes for your pet. These only serve as options for those fur-baby’s who are in between two sizes or those who need a bit more extra length because of sizing issues (particularly in growing pets).

Give your pet the best diaper or belly band fit. A super skintight diaper or belly band may cause accidents, breathing troubles, limitations on your fur-baby’s movements. Extendrs® help you give your pet the best diaper or belly band fit, giving them the freedom to move freely, mess-free.

Must-have pet accessories. Extendrs® for diapers come in 10 Extendrs® pieces per pack with 2 pieces for every color of Purple, Pink, Black, Grey, and Rust. On the other hand, Extendrs® for belly bands come in 5 Extendrs® pieces per pack with 1 piece for every color of Green, Blue, Black, Grey, and Rust.

With this array of colors, you can freely mix and/or match the Extendrs® with your fur-baby’s diapers, belly bands, pads, costumes, clothes, or even with the color scheme of your furniture at home!

When to Use Extendrs®

If your fur-baby’s waist size is in between sizes in our respective Sizing Chart, then our Extendrs® are the perfect solution! Extendrs

Extendrs® allows you to customize a diaper or belly band and make it exactly your pet’s size! If you need more length than what our Extendrs® offer, it is time to size up your pet’s diaper or belly band sizes..

How to Wash Extendrs®

Extendrs® washing instructions can be found here!

" Extendrs® will be able to extend your fur-baby’s diaper or belly band from up to 8 inches, giving you the freedom to customize it to better fit your pet. "

Mark Allen Bowers Jr 2021

Extendrs® are your fur-baby’s latest must-have from Pet Parents® product. These are best for when your fur-baby is caught in between two sizes in our diapers and belly bands or is continuously growing and the diapers & bands have become too tight

Extendrs® extend a diaper or a belly band to give your pet the right fit to move freely and to stay away from any leakages, accidents, and messy cleanups.

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