When to Know If Your Cat is Ready to Mate

Two Cats

The mating behavior of cats begins with a female cat (queens) flirting with male cats (toms). The female cat will try to attract toms nearby by vocalizing (meowing more) and using ‘seductive’ body movements.

A lot like humans, the queens can be really picky, too (you ladies know exactly what I am talking about), in selecting who they want to mate and when they want to mate. You will now that your cat is ready to mate because she will go through  a series of flirting behaviors all meant to attract males, much like humans. ;-)

Stage 1 - Proestrus (1 to 2 days)During the Proestrus stage, the queen will start to rub her head and neck against anything. She will also appear restless with an increased appetite. In this stage, she will attract toms but will refuse anything more, what a tease, I know! You will also notice that your female cat will have changed characteristics and will begin to urine mark inside your house.

Stage 2 - Estrus (4 to 6 days)Estrus cycle is also called the heat cycle. In this stage, your queen will begin to meow very often and loudly because of her intention to frequently attract toms. You will also notice your female cat exposing her hindquarter or her vulva in preparation for mating.

Stage 3 - Interestrus (7 to 14 days)If your queen did not choose to have any intercourse for the past days of being in heat, the cycle will start all over again after this stage. During this period, it is best assumed that your queen will say, "Sorry, dude," and will not want to mate a tom anymore.

Stage 4 - Anestrus (90 days)This phase is expected to occur from November to January (winter). During this time, your female cat will not go through any “heats”. She will not be attracted to any toms and vice versa.


Your cat will have her first heat at around four months. Yes, as young as that. As soon as your female cat has her first heat, she will get pregnant. If you keep your cat indoors, she will probably most likely find all possible means to escape and go outside.

Aside from the dangers of your queen getting injured or lost for being outdoors, the risk of her being pregnant gets real high. It is extremely unsafe for your young cat to get pregnant. Her body has not yet fully matured and the pregnancy will be harmful to her and her kittens.


Just like with all pet parent decisions, this one is totally up to you! It's based off of whether or not you want your cat to get pregnant. But as a responsible pet owner, make sure that she is full-grown already and ready to take care of her kittens in a successful healthy manner.

If you decide not to breed her and she’s not able to mate, she will continuously go through a heat cycle every after some weeks until she gets pregnant. When your cat is always in heat, this becomes stressful for her. She might lose weight, begin the stage of over-grooming and worse, develop behavioral issues, and no one wants that!


A cat in heat is hard work. Calming a cat in heat can be considered one of the most difficult jobs a pet parent can encounter. Even if you decide to breed your cat, it’s still not advisable to mate her every time she’s in heat. That’s why it’s necessary to know the best methods you can choose from to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Cat Diaper


Use cat diapers

Yes, cat diapers are a thing! This is the simplest and most convenient way to prevent your cat from getting pregnant. While this style of diaper may cost more initially, they are a much better value long-term. Washable diapers are also more comfortable for cats as they are typically made from stretchable, breathable fabric. You can also use cat diapers every time your cat experiences some behavioral changes (like urine spraying) as she goes through her heat cycle.


When a cat is spayed, she will no longer get pregnant. And aside from keeping cats from getting pregnant, spaying settles the hormonal activity of your cat and calms her down. It also lessens the risks of diseases.

Visit a vet for an induced ovulation or hormonal therapy

You can opt to artificially stimulate your cat’s reproductive organ in a vet clinic. This is possible because cats are considered as induced ovulators. Their ovulation occurs after their organ is stimulated during an intercourse. You can also choose to stop the heat cycle of your cat by using hormonal drugs.

Which do you think is best suitable for you and your cat? As pet parents, using a diaper can be the most humane and loving thing you can do for your fur baby. It’s a way to deal with any physical or behavioral issues that can restore your cat’s freedom and dignity, so you can continue to enjoy the greatest companionship.

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