Why Does Your Dog Pee in the House?

Two Dogs

Does your dog lift his leg at every lamp post? Or does he insist on stopping at every tree trunk you pass by? On dog walks, this is understandable (especially for the male dogs). But it is completely confusing and frustrating when your dog brings his marking behavior inside your home.

Is your pup going through his spot-marking stage? Is it driving you crazy? Here are possible reasons on why dogs urine mark and ways on how you can avoid those messy indoor accidents that come with male dog spot-marking in your home.

Something new in the environment

As much as humans engage in marking behavior like hanging pictures in bedroom walls or naming the things we own, your dog's marking helps him mask all unfamiliar odors with his scent, by making a completely new environment smell just like home. 

And yes, we would prefer them to hang photos and paint the walls to make your home more "home-y" instead of peeing on your couch or curtains, but unfortunately that's not an option!

Setting up territories

A great number of animals use pee - sometimes their poop - to mark the areas they declare ownership at. These areas are then now considered to be their "territories." Moreover, even if dogs have been living the life with humans, like majority of animals, dogs still have their innate territorial behavior, regardless if they are living in the woods or inside your clean, nice home.

Your dog’s territory marking lets other animals, know that a con-specific (in that case, other dogs), is present. This is their need for being superior and showing who is on top of the totem pole when it comes to leaving their scents.

Triggering social situations

Any exciting or stressful social situations for your dog can prompt his urine marking behavior. Some male dogs mark on the presence of female dogs in heat.

Or even on something that causes anxiety for dogs, like new things on the dog’s “marked territories” or a visitor/something new in their home.

Medical causes

But aside from the reasons stated above, your dog’s marking can also be possibly caused by some medical conditions. It can be a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or a urinary incontinence which is caused by some serious health issues. It’s best to seek out help from your veterinary when the need arises.  

That is why it is always important to be observant of your fur-baby. That way you know and understand if there may actually be a medical issue instead of his typical male dog spot-marking habits.

So the next time your dog pees on anything, your dog may have the need to express his superiority and release his anxiety through urine marking.

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