Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Give your Dog Colostrum

Updated: July 12, 2022

When mammals give birth (and that includes us and our pet dogs), mothers produce milk that contains colostrum. The colostrum for dogs plays an important role as it boosts the immune system of the newborn and provide essential nutrients necessary to survive the early stages of life and beyond that.

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"Colostrum is a mother's first milk. It is widely known to supply newborns with their first nutrition to be able to help build a healthy and strong immune system."

The benefits of colostrum are pretty hard not to give attention to, that's why we've come up with five reasons to convince you why you should give your dog colostrum.

What is Colostrum for Dogs?

Colostrum is found in a mother's first milk. Colostrum, according to VCA Animal Hospital, is filled with antibody-rich fluid from the mother’s mammary glands produced during the first few days after giving birth.

It is widely known colostrum for puppies supplies newborns with their first nutrition to be able to help build a healthy and strong immune system. Newborns can absorb these antibodies in the colostrum whole, which provides them immunity and protection. But contrary to what we used to know, colostrum does not just benefit the newborns. In fact, colostrum is beneficial to almost everyone! Yes, including adult and senior dogs, too. Even though older animals cannot absorb colostrum as newborns can, colostrum still works when ingested or when applied topically on the skin.

What Makes Colostrum Best for Dogs?

Here are some of the components that make colostrum for dogs best for your furbaby:


Some key components, the immunoglobulins or what we know as antibodies, make colostrum’s healing properties. The following includes:

IgM antibodies: These give passive immunity in newborns by helping neutralize viruses. This type of antibody protects them until their immune system are functioning fully.

IgG antibodies: These antibodies are a newborn’s very first antibodies. These act as their frontline defense against viruses and other foreign bodies.

IgA antibodies: IgA antibodies are what your dog makes more compared to the other mentioned above. These antibodies are responsible for creating a lining in the digestive tract. Their main function is to coat and wrap bacteria and viruses present in the digestive tract and prevent them from entering the rest of the body.

Why You Should Give your Dog Colostrum Antibodies

Growth Factors

Aside from antibodies, colostrum also has growth factors. These growth factors are responsible for stimulating cell growth and helping repair and regenerate bone, muscle, and connective tissues. Surprisingly, growth factors are also able to help heal damages intestinal lining.


Colostrum for dogs also contains the protein called Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is considered to have antimicrobial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal properties, eliminating what causes inflammation in the body for your dog.


Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, is a micronutrient that promotes faster healing of wounds. MSM is also usually found in joint supplements that help to manage joint pain.

The Benefits of Colostrum for Dogs

1. Colostrum for that Leaky Gut

One of the most important benefits of colostrum for our furbabies is its capacity to help control and maintain the GI tract of our dogs. Colostrum helps seal the lining of the digestive system so that foods that were not digested can no longer pass through and cause any inflammation.

Colostrum has also been known to aid in reverse gut irritation and alleviate symptoms of chronic health issues involving the digestive system. And the best part? Colostrum contains probiotics that help in balancing the good bacteria in the gut.

Additionally, if your fur-baby has a leaky gut, using Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers can help you greatly in keeping your dog and your home clean. These dog diapers are made with our soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric that absorbs any liquid or moisture fast.

2. Colostrum for Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases in dogs are more common than we think they are. These can be caused by leaky gut, toxins found in the environment, over-vaccination, etc. Colostrum helps by regulating an immune system that's overactive. It plays a great part in limiting viruses and bacteria that act as triggers of autoimmune diseases.

3. Colostrum for Allergies

Colostrum is best known to fight off allergies. Allergies are defined to be the immune system's overactive response to an allergen and the PRPs found in colostrum is able to help moderate this overactive response. Colostrum also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving the inflammation symptoms (itching, rashes) that come with allergies.

4. Colostrum for Anti-Aging

As pet parents, one of our greatest wishes is to be with our furbabies forever. Though it's impossible, with colostrum, our furbabies can now stay young (or at least age a little bit slower). Colostrum has properties that help in preserving bone density and lean muscle mass. It also provides strength and better mobility in our dogs.

5. Colostrum for Canine Oral Health

Dogs, especially the small ones, are susceptible to periodontal diseases that eventually leads to tooth loss. Periodontal diseases are infections of the structures around the teeth. Colostrum helps reduce the bacteria that's causing the infection and its growth factors properties also helps in repairing the damaged tissues in your furbaby's mouth.

6. Colostrum for Joint Health

Colostrum is really more than antibodies. As mentioned, it also contains growth factors. These growth factors found in colostrum are too high in concentration that they are able to support the growth and development of certain cells and tissues. These are also able to generate again and speed up the restoration of the skin, muscles, nerve tissues, bones, and cartilage. This makes it a great sustenance for dogs with hip and joint problems. There is also Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in colostrum that is able to help manage pain and inflammation from joint problems. As stated by Healthline, MSM has been commonly used as alternative medicine for those looking for natural ways to relieve the pain that comes with joint issues.

Note: Remember that colostrum is not a lone treatment for joint problems. It is only there to help support the management methods and prescribed treatment of your veterinarian.

7. Colostrum for Cancer

Additionally, colostrum for dogs also contains Lactalbumin, a special protein. Studies day that the Lactalbumin helps kill cancer cells and help the healthy cells flourish and reproduce.

8. Colostrum for Dogs' Wound Healing

Colostrum also helps your furbaby recover faster from their wounds as the growth factors present in colostrum can promote wound healing. If colostrum is used topically, it can aid in speeding up cellular repair and skin growth. Colostrum also has antibacterial properties that greatly keep wounds away from developing into infections. If applied topically, colostrum can be used for dogs with yeast infections, particularly in the ears, paws, and private areas, dermatitis, abscesses, insect bites, gingivitis, flea and tick bites, oral problems, and wounds.

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What Kind of Colostrum is Good for Dogs and Where to Get it?

Bovine Colostrum for Dogs

Bovine colostrum comes from, well, bovines – commonly known as cows. Colostrum from cows are the the only form of colostrum that’s universal, meaning any mammal is able to absorb it is because some kinds of colostrum can't be absorbed by everyone. For instance, a cow can't absorb colostrum from a human.

There are bovine colostrum supplements for dogs available in the market and there are also supplements which colostrum are incorporated into the ingredients for maximum benefits to ensure that your furbaby is provided with only top dog value & quality.

Colostrum Supplement for Dogs

One great example of this supplement is Pet Parents® Allergy SoftSupps® where colostrum enhances the immune response of our furbabies. It also fuels an under active immune system or calms down an overactive canine immune system & helps to seal the GI tract, which in turn helps in preventing infection & allergy symptoms.

"Colostrum helps reduce the bacteria that's causing the infection and its growth factors properties also helps in repairing the damaged tissues in your furbaby's mouth."

Bovine colostrum for dogs, benefits of colostrum for dogs

Colostrum indeed has a lot of benefits to offer for our furbabies. Colostrum for puppies is helpful to grow into a strong dog. But, colostrum for senior dogs and adult dogs is also helpful, making it great for all lifecycle stages. It is not only nutritious, but also contains immune and growth factors, proteins, enzymes, and many other beneficial substances, providing our dogs with optimal health for that healthier and happier life.

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