Millions of cats and dogs around the world suffer from excitement urination and lose fecal control due to conditions like hip dysplasia and other contingencies.  As compared to dogs, cats aren’t particularly fond of wearing diapers, because they’re just being cats! They need more comfortable and customized pants, which makes picking the right cat diaper challenging. Here are some tips that will help you pick the best cat diapers and dog belly bands for your furry friend-

  • For cats, buy diapers that are less bulky and have tight straps to keep the diaper in place. As most of the cats are skinner than dogs, they need special diaper sizes to avoid leakage and misfit.
  • You can use a combination of disposable diapers during the day and pants for the night, for both dogs and cats.
  • If you want the poop to stay in the diaper, buy diapers that have elastic or smaller tail hole.
  • For female cats and dogs in their shark’s week, double up on the padding and avoid going for the thinner ones.
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