Maintaining a clean and pleasant home can be challenging when you have a pet suffering from urinary and lose fecal control issues. At Pet Parents, we have a wide range of male dog belly bands and female dog diapers that will help your furry friend stay clean all day long. Whether your princess is in heat or your stud is suffering from excitement urination, dog diapers are the way to make their lives easier while keeping your home sanitized. Our dog diapers collection is also ideal for little puppies that are still learning to do their business outside.

Here are some tips to keep your female or male pets dry while you have the freedom to wander around the house and enjoy your dog on the couch-

  • Buy dog diapers and add maxi pads with wings when your pet has little pee-pee accidents or your queen is suffering from “that time of the month.” Such diapers are wide enough to handle your boy or girl’s potty training needs or when they are in initial stages of their infection.   
  • When you want female dog diapers in which they can really “let go”, opt for a triangle-shaped pad that will cover every side and fits comfortably.
  • If you have an old male dog with urine leakage, you can go for washable denim diapers with soft flannel lining and pads. Don’t forget to wash them before reusing.
  • Trim the fur around the genitals of your dog, to avoid rashes and irritation due to prolong use of diapers.
  • Give your princess or your gentleman a nice powder dust before placing the diaper, to keep their sensitive area dry and away from infection.
  • Male dog diapers are medium or large-sized, to provide them extra comfort around their pee-pee area.
From male dog diapers to female dog diapers, we have got you and your dogs covered!