Doggy love comes in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Your furry buddy may need additional help in case of contingencies like urination and fecal control issues. Dog diapers are the best way to ensure that your precious princess and stud stay dry throughout the day while keeping your home germ-free. Whether your adorable doggy is small-sized like Dachshund or mighty like German Sheppard, Pet Parents have the finest collection of dog belly bands for every pup. Check out some tips to buy your dog diapers with perfect fit-

  • For pups between 8 lbs – 15 lbs should wear small diapers with fasteners, to avoid any leakage.
  • Male and female dogs between 15 lbs – 35 lbs, medium diapers are an ideal fit. Remember to look for breathable outer layer, as bigger dogs can develop skin rash easily.
  • For 50 lbs – 90 lbs dogs pick large diapers with comfortable leg fit and a breathable outer layer.
  • Use a washable diaper cover over medium and large dog diapers, as they have more changes of a misfit than small dog diapers.
Pick the perfect fit male and female dog diapers with Pet Parents today!