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Pet Parents® is committed to the innovation of pet products for healthier, happier, easier lives for you and your furbabies, and the Oleo™ Collar is no exception. With a buttery smooth touch, a wide array of colors for the modern pet and their parent and rooted in comfort & safety. These were the foundation for the design of the Oleo™ Collar because there is nothing more important than comfort & safety when it comes to a dog collar. Be it the exact amount of flexibility Oleo™ provides, the design of the buckle & its coating, or even our DuraCore™ inner chamber to provide such strength we pulled a truck with it! There isn't a better dog collar for you and your furbaby when comfort & safety are a priority.

Special Features

Waterproof. Dirt Free. No Stank.

Dirt, water, and odor resistant so Oleo™ stays clean longer, keeping the mess outdoors & not on your stuff. Worry-free of peed-on, rolled-in poop, or musty water.

Built for All Climates

The Oleo™ Collar's durable construction will hold up to life's adventure, whether at home, in the forest, or swimming in the lake, the Oleo™ Collar withstands all elements & temperatures.

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Control Meets Comfort.

Anti-chafing & fur-safe while providing full control, reducing throat & hand fatigue, and withstanding even the pull of a massive mastiff. We got the receipts to prove it.

Worry-Free Walks

The Oleo™ Collar is built to last. With thick zinc alloy, extra durable coated hardware, & our DuraCore™ inner chamber allows for walks without the worry of a snapped buckle & a loose run-away pup.

Glow Up, Functional & Fashionable.

Oleo™ is for the modern pet parent, where fashion & function both reign supreme. Mix & match colors, or go monochromatic with both Oleo™ Collars & Oleo™ Leashes.

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