Extendrs® and How They Work

Updated: February 20, 2024

All pets’ bodies are different shapes and sizes, just like ours! This is why Pet Parents® has created with another exceptional product to assist in sizing for your furbabies: Extendrs®.

Extendrs® help to extend your furbaby’s current sizing of dog diapers or belly bands for a truer and more comfortable fit. In this article, we’ll talk more about Extendrs®, their use cases, and what makes them an addition to your list of life-saving Pet Parents® products.

"Pet Parents® Extendrs® extend your furbaby’s dog diapers and belly bands so that they will fit them better."

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What Pet Parents® Extendrs® Are

Pet Parents® Extendrs® extend your dog' diapers and belly bands so that they will fit them better. Without compromising quality, our Extendrs® are made with the same premium, waterproof materials as our dog diapers and belly bands.

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Extendrs® are very handy for pet parents whose furbabies are in-between sizes of diapers and belly bands. A super tight diaper or belly band is a recipe for leakage, messy cleanups, and urine burn! Using Extendrs® will be able to extend diapers or belly bands from 1 to 8 inches, making sure that the diaper or belly band fits your furbaby just right.

There is absolutely nothing you have to worry about as our Extendrs® come with a large range of sizes to cater to every furbaby’s body type. We have four variations of our Extendrs®. One pack is to be used with diapers and the other three are to be matched with the proper size of belly bands. These are available in the following sizes:

For diapers:

  • One size (fits all) that extends up to 7 inches

For belly bands:

  • Small (extends up to 7.5 inches)
  • Medium (extends up to 7.75 inches)
  • Large (extends up to 5.5 inches)
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Here are some of the many notable features of Extendrs®:

For diapers:

  • Fasteners do not require to be completely covered as these Extendrs® use durable, fursafe hook and loop fasteners.
  • You can customize it by simply connecting the hook and loop fasteners as little or as much as your furbaby’s waist size needs.
  • It comes in different colors that will blend with your furbaby’s current dog diapers or belly bands.
  • Leakproof & waterproof exterior shell
  • Elastic snug leakproof fit
  • Adjustable hook and loop fasteners
  • Hook side on belly bands Extendrs® and loop side on diaper Extendrs®

How Extendrs® are a Lifesaver

An extremely close-fitting diaper or belly band is a pet parent dilemma. This is why Extendrs® are an ultimate must-have.

Extends Your Diaper or Band. Extendrs® help your furbaby’s current diapers or bands extend to the size that will make them feel cozy and comfortable.

Imagine this: You measure your furbaby’s waist in purchasing our washable diapers or belly bands. You then find out that your furbaby is caught in between two sizes. You are not sure what to get: the smaller size or the larger one. So you decide to go with the smaller one as you’re scared the diaper or belly band will fall off if you choose otherwise. However, you’re still anxious that the diaper or belly band might be a little too fit for your pet. Here is when Extendrs® come into the picture. Pet Parents® Extendrs® extend your dog’s diaper or band to the length you may need.

It is best to keep in mind that Extendrs® are not a replacement for the correct diaper or belly band. But, instead, are options for those dogs who are in between two sizes or those who need a bit more length to avoid sizing issues (especially like pups, kittens, and young adults who are still continuing to grow).

Better Fit for Diapers and Bands. An extremely fitting diaper or belly band may cause leakages & breathing difficulties and may limit your furbaby’s movements. This is not what you want for your dog. That’s why our washable Extendrs® help you give your furbaby the best diaper or belly band fit, giving them more liberty to freely do what they love while staying clean and dry at all times.

Make Great Accent Pieces. Our washable Extendrs® for diapers come in 10 Extendrs® per pack with two pieces for every color of Purple, Pink, Black, Grey, and Rust. On the other hand, our washable Extendrs® for belly bands come in five Extendrs® per pack with one piece for every color of Green, Blue, Black, Grey, and Rust.

This completely leaves you the option to mix and/or match the Extendrs® to your furbaby’s diapers, belly bands, clothes, costumes, or even with your aesthetics at home!

When to Use It?

We, at Pet Parents®, always recommend that you measure your dog’s waist in front of their back legs and base it on our Sizing Charts. If your dog is in-between sizes due to a unique body shape, then they Extendrs® are just the thing you need.

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If your pet is caught in between sizes, or you are making a wild guess due to the shape of your furbaby’s body that they may be too small for sizing up but the original size may be a bit too tight, then our Extendrs® are the absolute solution! Extendrs® allows you to create a custom fit diaper or belly band that is specific to your pet’s size! Consider Extendrs® as a half size for the best fit.

If you find yourself needing more length than what our Extendrs® provide, this is an indication that it is time to size up.

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"Extendrs® provide solutions to any pet at any age: newborn, puppyhood, adulthood, or senior years."

Extendrs® are your newest must-have product from Pet Parents®, especially if your furbaby is caught in between two sizes in our diapers and belly bands. Extendrs® extend a diaper or a belly band to give your pet the right fit to move freely and to stay away from any leakages or messy cleanups.

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