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“High quality material and velcro. I’ve bought similar items from other brands and the velcro does not last or work very long. The velcro on these is noticeably superior and lasts through a lot more uses. When I need more of these products, will definetely buy from Pet Parents.”
-Barbara Carmichael
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Pet Parents® is not just some brand name slapped on a product and listed for sale on a website. We’re much more than that.

To start, everything we design, create, & do stems from the perspective that we're pet parents ourselves, & all products are used on our furbabies to ensure they'll work for yours.

We truly care. What we do, our mission, is much bigger. For every dog diaper & dog belly band sold, we donate dog diapers & dog wraps to local dog shelters & rescues. We’ve donated 10,000’s to date!