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“High quality material and velcro. I’ve bought similar items from other brands and the velcro does not last or work very long. The velcro on these is noticeably superior and lasts through a lot more uses. When I need more of these products, will definetely buy from Pet Parents.”
-Barbara Carmichael
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When working with the Pet Parents® Pack, you can rest assured knowing that the people you are working with adore those slobbery kisses & tail wag greetings just as much as you do.

Yes, whether its who designed the actual product itself, who grabbed your product off the shelf and shipped it, or who is sending you punny emails & responding to your questions, you have finally met a group of people who understand the obsession that you have with your pet. Yay!

You're probably thinking, "Oh yeah? Prove it!" Don't worry - we will. At Pet Parents®, every move we make in designing & creating our products, comes from our love for fur-babies, and our pet parent mindset. By testing all of our products on our own fur-babies, we ensure that the product you are receiving is nothing but the best for yours.

What we do goes far beyond creating high-end, original products. Our mission is much deeper than that. We want to impact & change the lives of every human & furry being that we touch. That is why for every dog diaper & belly band that is sold, we donate dog diapers & dog wraps to animal rescues all over the country, as every fur-baby deserves the chance to live a healthier, happier, and longer life.