Our Mission

A lack of solution-focused products and thorough educational information around common pet parenting needs should not be the status quo. A north star of ours is to ensure no furbaby or pet parent faces a similar situation Blake and Blondie faced.

Our mission, as it says on our walls: Because they are family®. Pet Parents® exists to help furbabies live longer, healthier, & happier lives by creating products, services, and an information platform to solve everyday pet parenting needs.

Our Principles

  • Mission & impact driven, not profit
  • Always start with an empathetic point of view
  • Relentlessly committed to constant improvement
  • Lifetime focused
  • Always be a "Stupid Yes"

We are intensely aware of the impact our products, information, and work that we do creates. It's what fuels us. Because of it, we have an insatiably detail-oriented & intensely thoughtful design & creation approach

Because of Our Origins, and our adopted responsibility and obligation, our mission, we're wired to innately approach everything from an empathetic view, to ensure we're building things best for you and your family. It's what we want for our families as well.

Our vision is to be the brand for pets and their parents. In order to do that, everything we do is deeply rooted in research and data. Like Brad Pitt in Moneyball, we're obsessed about the numbers in order to create outlier outcomes for the parents and furbabies we serve.

We don't define our time horizon arbitrarily as long term, rather as a lifetime. We're committed to being your go-to brand for the entire lifespan of your furbabies and yours. With that also, we're environmentally focused whenever possible because we want to ensure what we create today, doesn't hinder the future.

In its simplest form, this means to remove all barriers of friction, to ensure anything we do or offer would be silly to say anything but yes. Because of this, we have unmatched standards and expectations from ourselves and the partners we work with. We want to ensure we're a "Stupid Yes" for you and your family.

Our Philanthropy

Like Our Why, our company is rooted in passion, love, and care. We always lead with that heart, both in what we design & create but most importantly in how we can make an impact in as many pet parents' and furbabies' lives as possible. Because of this, we've made giving back a core tenet of how we operate.

Since our founding in 2016, we have been able to donate 10,000s of products to rescues and shelters across the United States and continue to find other ways to help all members of the fur family.


Our Process

Perhaps it’s the passion of our pack or the deep fulfillment we feel from the 100,000s of pet parents sharing their stories of how our company has been able to play an important role in their fur family’s lives, but we never stop improving as a company, as pet parents, and as humans.

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We start with empathy, we're pet parents like you. We face the ups and downs of pet parenting, like you. We either know first hand the experience or we insatiably research, interview, and test our way to becoming hyper-aware of all the nuances of a pet parenting need.

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Backward Engineer

Through firsthand experiences, research, interviews, and testing we know what it's like. We ask obsessively, "why?" And then we get to work. Creating solutions through products and building educational information around them. We tirelessly work to help you and your family.

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Constant Improvement

We're committed to the philosophy & process of constant improvement. We believe the brand, products, and information you go to for help should too. That's how we approach the problems we tackle, the products we design, and the information we produce. Our existence and our process is to constantly improve your life as a pet parent and the lives of your furbabies.

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House of Blondie

Our philosophies are not only engraved in our everyday work, but in the stones of our HQ. Whether it's our why wall, dedicated to sharing those impacted pet parents, the honorary memorial space, House of Blondie, or our state-of-the-art R&D and product development studios to ensure Blondie's legacy is able to continue.

Pet Parenting,

Whether it's products, services, or information, Pet Parents® exists to help. Because they are family.®

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