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Pet Parents® is a company made up of pet parents just like you. We create products so you can raise your pets from birth to senior years, keeping your home clean, and your pet family healthy & happy.

What started it all...

Company founder, Blake had a very rough childhood. Blondie, his yellow lab, was his confidant, his companion, his rock. When Blondie grew old at 15 years old, like many, she became incontinent, so Blake's father took Blondie to their vet. The vet unfortunately gave his father one single option to deal with her newfound incontinence, to put her down. Sadly, with one option from a trusted expert, Blondie joined doggie heaven.

After losing such an important family member, years later, when Blake came across dog diapers, and learned they could be used to help cope with incontinence and other issues, he was infuriated this wasn't suggested years earlier for Blondie or was readily available and known to be a solution that could have potentially extended Blondie's life.

Blake's heart broke.

He thought, but why? Why wouldn't their vet know or suggest this as a potential option?

Blake went sniffin' to dig in, to find why.

This led to him researching and combing through tons of information, analyzing the history of dog diapers, what he found, was just two brands primarily existed that had been around since the 60's and 70's. They had hardly, if at all, innovated over the years and made a disgustingly inferior product. This led to many pet parents and vets not having the results needed through the use of these products and therefore not being suggested to others and because of that, many not truly knowing dog diapers were even a thing! With this, Blake broke down the existing product options, piece by piece, discovering the many flaws in the products and lack of information surrounding these common issues pet parents face.

Blake knew what he had to do.

In the fall of 2015, Blake started tinkering, and in January of 2016, with their first product, premium washable dog diapers, Pet Parents® was born.

Because they are family™

As pet parents, we live this. Our "pets" are our furbabies. We unapologetically love our children with fur, paws, tails, and everything that goes along with it. When you bless us with your business you join our family, the Pet Parents® family, with the core principle that, Pets Are Family. What started with Blake and Blondie, has grown to become a brand that embodies this and supports fellow pet parents all over the world with category leading pet products that help fellow pet parents and their furbabies live longer, healthier, & happier lives.

Blondie’s legacy

From knowing the loss of a family member, like Blondie, we have set out to create category leading products. Similar to the first prototype of washable dog diapers, we sniff around and dig deep to understand the problems we face as pet parents personally and the problems our fellow pet parents face. We become experts surrounding these problems, like Blake did years ago. With this knowledge, we are informed to better design & craft innovative category leading products. What started with Blondie has become a collection of products and brands that stretch many categories all with the intention of helping pet parents and their furbabies live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Through this, it's our mission to add and lengthen slobbery kisses, purrs, and tail wags in the world.

We hope you'll join us in supporting fellow pet parents and their furbabies. With your support we can continue to create category leading products and continue to donate thousands of products for free of charge to rescues and shelters all over the USA.

Now that you've learned about us, we'd love to learn about you and your furbabies. The team, or what we like to call ourselves, The Pack, at Pet Parents® are fueled by yummy treats, fresh water and most importantly stories from our fellow pet parents about how our products have helped. Please dont hesitate to toss us a message. We'd love to learn more about you and perhaps how we can help you and your furbabies further. We're here to support you & your family.

Lots of licks,
The Pack @ Pet Parents®