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We’re Pet Parents. Just like you.
Pet Parents® is a company made up of Pet Parents just like you. We create products so you can raise your pets from birth, to adulthood, keeping your home clean, and your pet family healthy & happy.


What started it all...
Pet Parents® started with their first product, premium washable dog diapers. Pet Parents® washable doggie diapers were designed and created after company founder Blake Anderson had to unfortunately put down his beloved childhood pup, Blondie.

Blondie, his 15 year old yellow lab, had begun to suffer from incontinence. Blake went to the vet to ask for solutions and was saddened to hear, the vet suggest one single option; to put her down. This of course broke Blake’s heart, but because it was his only option from an expert, Blake said his goodbyes and Blondie joined doggie heaven.

Years later, Blake stumbled upon disposable dog diapers, learning that they could be used for incontinence Blake was infuriated that this wasn't an easily available and well known product he could of used to be able to spend more time with his beloved pup Blondie. With this, Blake made it his mission to create premium washable dog diapers that solved all the existing flaws with the existing dog diaper designs on the market and ensure that every other pet parent out there learned about this product and the many uses and solutions it provides for pets and their pet parents so that they can live longer and happier lives together as family.

Dog Diapers
Who we are today.
Pet Parents® is now the leading brand of washable dog diapers and dog belly bands. Our focus is on providing fellow pet parents like yourself with products to keep your home clean, and your pet family healthy & happy.  

Whether that is our Gnawtlers® that are both clean for your furbabies body and clean for your home or whether it keeps accidents from turning into messes with our washable pee pads and signature dog diapers and dog wraps.

Pet Parents® - the brand for all pet parents and their families.

A brand that cares.
Pet Parents® is not just some brand name slapped on a product and listed for sale on a website. We’re much more than that.

To start, everything we design, create, & do stems from the perspective that we’re pet parents ourselves, & all of products are used on our furbabies to ensure they’ll work for yours.

We truly care. What we do, our mission, is much bigger. For every dog diaper & dog belly band sold, we donate dog diapers & dog wraps to local dog shelters & rescues. We’ve donated 10,000’s to date!

Pet Parents Brand
Fanatical About Customer Experience & Service.
If you were to read one random page of reviews about us anywhere online there is a highly likely chance you’d read atleast one review raving about our great customer service.

You might laugh, you may even cry (from laughter), but one thing is certain, we will provide you, our fellow pet parent with the best possible customer experience & customer service you will ever encounter.


Our Promise to You.
If we’re fortunate enough to earn your business, we’ll provide you with the professional, personal, and prompt service you deserve. In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your order or shipment, we’ll work to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. We want you to be happy with the products and service you receive, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure that’s the case. That’s our personal guarantee.


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