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Cat Diapers Sizing Tips:

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  1. Do not guess your cat's size. Measure your cat's waist in front of their back legs, like the diagram to the left.
  2. If your cat is in between sizes, factor in their weight; i.e. a heavier cat, go up a size, a skinnier cat, go down a size.

So many uses. For every cat. Our Pet Parents® Washable Cat Diapers were designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes. Whether your male cat is spraying, your new kitty isn't litter box trained yet or your elderly cat is having incontinence issues, our washable reusable cat diapers will keep you, your house and your pet happy.

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Perfect for:

  • Cats in Heat
  • Fecal & Urinary Incontinence
  • Covering & Protecting
  • Surgical Wounds
  • UTI Issues
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Spraying
  • Paralysis
  • Travel
  • Pregnancy Prevention
  • House Training
  • Medicine Side Effects
  • Spaying Incontinence
  • Postpartum

    And More!

Special Features


Our sewn-in pad layers increase as the size increases, a great dane demands alot more protection than a chihuahua! Our washable dog diapers are great for dog diapers for poop, dog period diapers, urinary messes, and more!


Our hook & loop system on our male & female dog diapers help support many dog body types while providing a leak proof, comfy fit.


Our soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric wicks away liquid fast. Helping to prevent diaper rash and urine burns, allowing your pup to be comfortable.

Elastic Tail-Hole

The elastic tail-hole accommodates to our bushy tailed friends, allowing stretch but not enough for leaks

Feature Right

No Leaks

Our leak-proof, water-proof shell makes sure messes stay inside the diaper


Our diapers are pet and eco friendly. Your pets will be comfortable all while helping the environment be a little more waste free.

Pack of 3

Pet Parents® Washable Cat Diapers come in packs of three so you can have...

  • One on your fur-baby
  • One in the wash
  • And one on hand just in case!

Crafted to Last

When you buy a Pet Parents® product you can rest assured a ton of thought, testing, and "ironing out" of meticulous details have undergone before our products reach your family.

For Every Need

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