Pet Repeller Mat

Pet Parents® Pet Repeller Mat

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The Pet Parents® Pet Repeller Mat is all about training your pet to stay off & works to correct the undesired behavior for the long term & because it doesnt use pain to deter pets, you can sleep well at night knowing your pet is learning, you are going to correct their behavior & you're not causing any harm by doing so.


Perfect for:

  • Preventing Scratching
  • Pain-Free Training
  • Behavior Correction
  • Reducing Fur & Odor on Furniture
  • Preventing Spraying or Marking
  • Multi-Pet Homes
  • Couches, Beds, and Cars

    And More!

Special Features

Double Stitched Durability

Prevents fraying and loose ends for added durability and to dissuade any potential chewers.

Neutral Color

Not too bright, not too dark, but a perfect neutral color to blend into your home as much as possible.


Optimal Size

Flexible to fit most 3 seat couches and up to a full size mattress while folding flat for quick & easy storage.

Selected Material

Made with materials to keep your furniture fresh & clean from potential furbabies messes. Each of the materials are 100% washable for the quickest clean if your furbaby does make it on the pet repeller mat.

Pain Free Repelling & Training

Designed to deter pets from unwanted places in a pain-free way with a sound and feel your furbaby won't want to be around.

For Every Need