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If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “my dog has diarrhea! What do I do?” Then you are in the right place! At Pet Parents®, we have the expertise in what to give a dog with diarrhea and also the perfect combination of products to help with dog diarrhea treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common causes of diarrhea in dogs?

Diarrhea is a very common problem that many pups often face. There are many causes for this affliction, but here are the most common triggers:

  • Change in diet
  • Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Swallowing indigestible foreign objects
  • Illnesses
  • Antibiotics and other medications
  • Stress or separation anxiety

What to give dogs for diarrhea

We recommend combining our Probiotic + Multi-Vitamin Supplements together to promote a healthy digestive tract, provide upset stomach relief, and assist in detoxification and healthy stools!

Review the information below for more details on our supplements for dogs, and how dog diapers can be a life-saver for pet parents facing issues with dog diarrhea!

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Dog Diapers

How Dog Diapers Help Dog Diarrhea.

When you dog has diarrhea, sometimes they just aren’t able to "hold it". This leads to more messes around your house, even if you pup is potty trained. Dog diapers help avoid messy clean ups and save your pup from becoming embarrassed!

Why Pet Parents® Dog Diapers?

  • Our sewn-in pad absorbs all messes including dog diarrhea
  • Our innovative leak proof & waterproof exterior shell ensures everything stays inside, keeping your carpet & couch clean
  • Our elastic tail-hole and edges allow for a snug fit, preventing leaks and providing comfort






Probiotic Supplement

How Probiotic Supplements Can Help Dog Diarrhea.

Gut health is important for dogs with diarrhea. Probiotic Supplements for dogs promote a healthy gut helping to lessen gas, pain, and help treat dog diarrhea.

Why Pet Parents® Probiotic SoftSupps®?

  • Our pumpkin ingredient not only makes your pup go crazy over a tasty chew, it’s also loaded with fiber, vitamins, & minerals, that support the digestive tract, helping relieve an upset stomach & treat diarrhea.
  • Just like humans, dogs may have to detox to help get all of the bad junk out of their digestive system. Our ingredient Fructooligosaccharides, helps grow beneficial bacteria to support healthy detoxification for dogs.





Multi-Vitamin Supplement

How Multi-Vitamin Supplements Can Help Dog Diarrhea.

If you are wondering what to feed a dog with diarrhea, dog Multi-Vitamins are a great start! They work to promote overall health including digestive health. Ingredients in these multivitamins can assist with dog diarrhea by promoting healthy stools, reduction of inflammation, and relief for your pup’s gut.

Why Pet Parents® Multi-Vitamin SoftSupps®?

  • Our Multi-Vitamins have a digestive complex with a powerful probiotic blend. This helps your dog's diarrhea problem by promoting healthy stools and assists in promoting future gut health.
  • The Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil added to the Multi-Vitamin helps with dog diarrhea by reducing inflammation and soothing the gut.



Probiotic + Multi-Vitamin

Combining these two supplements together creates the ultimate digestion duo! Together, they can help dog diarrhea by promoting a healthy digestive tract, upset stomach relief, detoxification, and assisting with healthy stools!

Digestion Duo


Probiotic + Multi-Vitamin




Before the multi + probiotic supplements kick in, our dog diaper can prevent dog diarrhea messes. Overtime, our multi + probiotic dog supplements will help promote a healthy digestive tract, upset stomach relief, detoxification, and assisting with healthy stools and preventing future diarrhea issues!