The supplement that will have your pup asking for more and more.

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Pick Your SoftSupps®

For Every Need

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Safety First

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Top Quality

Created in the highest level, Safe Quality Food facility that is FDA inspected and GMP-approved.

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Our SoftSupps® are tested for harmful bacterial pathogens, such as salmonella and E.Coli by a third party laboratory.

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Fresh & Protected

It may seem like a small gesture, our SoftSupps® have a heat inducted seal liner that is air tight ensuring freshness.

What Are SoftSupps®

Supplements they'll actually want to eat.

Why give your pup a supplement if they won't eat it? Our inactive ingredients were meticulously chosen to taste good while being nutritious, so your dog will actually want to eat them! Packed with nutrients like Wild Alaskan Salmon, Chicken, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, & Carrots.

Lead with Yummy Meats and Veggies

We lead with whole meats & veggies in all of our SoftSupps®, no fillers like rice & oats are used!

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Active Ingredients

Pet Parents® SoftSupps® were specially crafted to have more active ingredients than other leading supplements. Active ingredients can help to keep body functions normal.

Branded 'Super Ingredients'

Branded 'Super Ingredients' are clinically proven ingredients that go through a proprietary process. These ingredients increase efficacy & are more effective than commonly used basic forms of the ingredients.