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Bladder SoftSupps®
Dog Urinary Tract Support Chews | Bladder Function in Dogs & Bladder Stones Help with Pacran®
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Ensure their health. Pet Parents® Bladder Dog Cranberry Supplement will provide your fur-baby with healthy ingredients to help bladder & dog kidney support such as, Pacran®, organic licorice root, & marshmallow root. Our dog bladder chews have got your fur-baby covered when it comes to urinary tract health! Our branded form of cranberry extract, Pacran®, & D-Mannose help promote bladder health by flushing out bad bacteria. Pumpkin seed extract supports normal bladder muscle function. Organic licorice root supports normal kidney detoxification. This cranberry dog supplement can be used for fur-babies of all breeds, ages, & sizes.


Formulated for:

  • Kidney, Bladder Urinary Tract Support
  • Promotes Liver Digestive Health

Special Features

Won't Pass Up

Why give your pup a supplement if they won't eat it? Our inactive ingredients were meticulously made to make your dog want to eat them, like a treat! Packed with nutrients like Wild Alaskan Salmon, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, & carrots.

Lead with Yummy Meats and Veggies

We lead with whole meats & veggies in all of our soft chew supplements, No fillers like rice & oats are used!

Active Ingredients

Pet Parents® Supplements for dogs were specially crafted to have more active ingredients than other leading supplements. Active ingredients help assist with the immediate problem your pup is having!

Branded 'Super Ingredients'

Branded 'Super Ingredients' are clinically proven ingredients that go through a proprietary process. These ingredients increase efficacy & are more effective than commonly used basic forms of the ingredients.


Branded ‘Super Ingredient’


Most scientifically proven cranberry product for urinary tract health. Uses the whole cranberry complex to help promote optimal bladder health.


Natural Active Ingredients

  • antlerImg_1


    A simple sugar that becomes a part of the urinary tract wall when consumed & may help flush bad bacteria from the bladder.

  • antlerImg_2

    Pumpkin Seed Extract

    A botanical extract that supports normal bladder muscle function & healthy waste elimination, promoting optimal urinary tract health.

  • antlerImg_3

    Organic Licorice Root

    A plant-based source that helps maintain normal histamine levels & support normal detoxification processes.

  • antlerImg_4

    Organic Marshmallow Root

    May help clean kidney & urinary tract buildups to help support normal function & health of the kidneys & promote comfortable urination.

Our Base Ingredients

obi_img1 Chicken
obi_img2 Sweet Potatoes
obi_img3 Tomatoes
obi_img4 Carrots


Ingredients Per Chew: Pacran® Cranberry 300 mg, Sunflower Lecithin 125 mg, Pumpkin Seed Extract 100 mg, D-Mannose 100 mg, Organic Marshmallow Root 100 mg, Organic Astragalus 80 mg, Organic Licorice Root 50 mg, Nettle Root Powder 50 mg, Chicken, Pea Flour, Palm Fruit Oil, Tapioca Flour, Flaxseed, Sweet Potato, Chicken Liver, Tomato, Carrot, Powdered Cellulose (coating only), Coconut Glycerin, Sorbic Acid, Rosemary Extract, Mixed Tocopherols.

  • Up to 25 lbs
  • 26 - 75 lbs
  • Over 75 lbs
  • Supply per Size of Dog
  • Up to 25 lbs 90-Day
  • 26 - 75 lbs 45-Day
  • Over 75 lbs 30-Day
  • Suggested Use per Day
  • Up to 25 lbs 1 Soft Chew per day
  • 26 - 75 lbs 2 Soft Chews per day
  • Over 75 lbs 3 Soft Chews per day
  • Suggested Use per Day
  • 1 Soft Chew per day
  • 2 Soft Chews per day
  • 3 Soft Chews per day

We provide 61% more actives ingredients than other leading brands


More Active Ingredients + No Fillers

The Healthy Inactive Ingredients in Pet Parents® Bladder Supplement
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