How to Groom a Cat

Updated: November 10, 2022

"Grooming is not just making the physical appearance of your cats more beautiful but also a way of taking care of their health."

There are many ways how to groom a cat. Grooming your cats is like pampering them with the finest service they should experience. It makes them feel good about themselves and also it will reflect on us on what type of a cat owner we are. If our cats are properly groomed regularly, it also shows that we are responsible pet owners for looking after their welfare and giving them the best that they deserve.

Although cats usually groom themselves on their own daily, sometimes they also need some help with things that are not of their control. If you have observed, your felines are generally very clean and neat but for other cats such as those who have very long and thick fur and can’t always thoroughly clean themselves.

Why is Grooming Important for Cats?

As they say, “a clean cat is a happy cat”, so grooming is just as important as eating and napping for cats. Luckily grooming a cat is not incredibly difficult. In fact, your furbaby will help you with the process most of the time by licking themselves. However, they will still need some help to make sure all of their hygiene needs are met.

grooming a cat, cat grooming

As cat parents, you should make grooming sessions fun and not create any unnecessary stress for your cat. Grooming is not just making the physical appearance of your cats more beautiful but also a way of taking care of their health.

How to Groom a Cat

It is a must to check on your cats regularly for grooming needs. In this way, you become aware of the things that they need and detect any possible problems that may cause them harm or discomfort.

Grooming is considered to be a holistic approach in addressing the regular needs of your cats to make them look and feel amazing about themselves. There are times where you can’t go to your regular grooming shops or stations. With this, it is a must to know on what are the things you need to consider to address the grooming needs of your feline friends.

Here is a basic but compact guide on how to groom a cat:

Bathing a Cat

Taking them into a bath. Although your cats normally clean their own skin and fur by just licking on them using their teeth and tongue, there are times where you really need to take them into the water to clean their fur thoroughly. Obese cats, disabled cats, or those with long fur may need occasional baths to help clean. If your cat needs a bath, make sure to use a mild shampoo specifically made for cats. Avoid over-bathing.

cat grooming, cat bath bag

Cat bath bags. To make it easier for the both of you, it is recommended that you use a cat bath or cat bath bags to prevent struggling and squirming. You can fill the tub with just enough water to bathe your cat and slowly lower them into the water. According to Purina, make it a point not to overfill wherever you are bathing your cat in because it can lead to anxiety. Using a cat bath bag can help the process move quickly to minimize stress. But, base the best bath scenario on your own cat and their reactions.

Cat Wipes. If your cat doesn’t really need a full bath or it is too stressful on them, cat wipes are a great alternative. Pet WiPees™ Cat wipes provide a bathless clean and can be used all over your cat’s body. These pet wipes for cats are bio-based and contain no parabens, alcohols, sulfates, or harsh chemicals. In fact, these gentle wipes act as supplements for the skin, strengthening the barrier and providing beneficial ingredients for your cat that work from the outside in.

Trimming Cat Claws

One of the most challenging tasks a cat owner should do when grooming their cat is probably trimming the claws. It is a must to use a specialized nail clipper to trim the claws of your cats. It is advised that you should trim the tip of their claws and not entirely cut them. Pets WebMD suggests having your cat’s claws trimmed every week and a half to two weeks.

If you're having difficulty trimming, you can always call a professional pet groomer to do the job for you. Also, consider placing different scratching posts in areas in your house to help keep your furbaby nails managed. Place cat scratching posts in areas of your house where there is high foot traffic. Cats mark their territories through scratching, leaving scent markers from the small glands in the pads of their feet, so they want scratching to be in front of their humans and other pets at home.

Cleaning Cat Ears

Part of grooming is keeping your cat’s ears clean. Now, most cats do not like the feeling of solution being squirted into their ears. So, you can use Pet WiPees™ Ear wipes to gently clean debris from their ears. These hypoallergenic cat wipes for ears are made with gentle cleansers and no alcohols. Plus, they contain only vet-approved, pet-safe scents and are safe for every day use.

Taking Care of Cat Fur

Another important part of cat grooming is making sure they have fabulous fur. So, brush your cat regularly to avoid tangles. Cutting the hair is not recommended in most cases. But there are some cat breeds where their fur becomes matted over time which could cause fur tangling and would result in a discomfort feeling and some skin and coat issues. So, it is advised for cat owners to regularly comb or brush your cat’s hair.

Dental Needs

It is very important to always check on the teeth and gums of your cats. Look for tartar on their teeth which is caused by plaque-forming foods. Daily brushing (or twice a week) using a finger cot or a toothbrush specially made for cats is key to helping keep your kitty’s teeth and gums healthy. It’s normal that some cats will be resistant to having their teeth brushed. So, starting them young will help them a lot get used to the whole process and comfortable with getting their teeth brushed.

Aside from the above-mentioned guide and tips on how to groom your cats, it is also important to regularly check other parts of your cat’s body such as ears, nose, and eyes. Grooming is indeed essential for your cats. And as a cat owner, you should know these things for you to effectively give all the grooming needs of your feline friends.

"Pet WiPees™ Cat wipes provide a bathless clean and can be used all over your cat’s body."