Things to Consider When Buying Dog Diapers and Belly Bands

Updated: February 27, 2024

There are a few things to consider when buying dog diapers and belly bands...

Dog diapers and belly bands are an essential thing for many pet parents especially when dogs are kept mostly indoors, have peeing and pooping concerns, or are traveling with you. What is a dog belly band? Belly bands for male dogs are a form of dog diaper that cover less surface area and prevent urinary accidents.

"Before investing in diapers of some type or brand, take your time researching and understanding your options before making a decision."

belly band for dogs, belly bands for male dogs

There are several dog diaper brands on the market. One can even make their own homemade diaper for dogs or belly bands. But how sure can we get that these products are good, if not best, for our furry friends?

Before investing in diapers of some type or brand, here are the most important things that you need to consider first when buying dog diaper and belly bands for dogs.

Size of Belly Band for Dogs

To be able to make sure that your dog feels just right and comfortable enough with the pet diaper or belly band, know first what their waist size is. Just like baby diapers, no dog diaper size fits all. Size matters, they say. Yes, it does!

Knowing the right size will prevent your dog from developing any rashes or skin irritations. The right dog diaper and belly band size will make it more comfortable for your furbaby to move around, however, the wrong size for your dog will lead to leakage, messes, and/or complete uselessness.

Here is our dog diaper size chart and belly band size chart that you can use as a guide. It's important to note though, that just because your furbaby is a small dog to you, doesn't mean they should wear a small, or just because your dog fit perfectly in a small diaper in one brand of diapers, doesn't mean they will fit perfectly in another brand of dog diapers or dog belly bands. Always measure your furbaby according to the brand's sizing guide. Your pup's waist should not fluctuate too much, so a well-fit diaper or belly band will remain as such as long as you purchase quality dog diapers and belly bands for dogs!

Belly band dog diaper, belly bands for male dogs

In case you find your dog caught in between two sizes and you purchased the smaller size, Pet Parents® has Extendrs®. These Extendrs® increase the size of diapers and belly bands to make them the right fit for your dog. These are made with the same high-quality, waterproof materials our washable dog diapers and belly bands. They were made to help extend the size of your dog’s current diapers and belly bands so that a truer fit could be possible, allowing 1-8 inches of stretch.

Type of Belly Band for Dogs

There are many types of dog diapers and dog belly bands available in your local pet store or online. Though you think they all work the same, but the different types actually serve different purposes.

Disposable Dog Diapers and Belly Bands

The good side of disposable diapers and disposable dog belly bands is that they are convenient. Really. You can simply toss it into the garbage and have your dog wear another one if you think it's needed to be changed. These kinds are also handy and are frequently used when you and your pal are up for some travel adventures.

But the bad side to this is that these diapers and belly bands always end filling up the landfill and can get pretty costly for everyday use. Disposable ones may also contain harmful dyes and gels that can harm and irritate your furbaby. They are also not that durable and may easily be chewed, ingested, or ripped apart by your dog and you certainly wouldn't want that at all.

Reusable/ Washable Dog Diapers and Belly Bands

If you think that your dog will be needing diapers from time to time or over a long period of time, washable diapers and belly bands are your best option! These dog diapers and belly bands for male dogs can be washed over and over again, they're heavy-duty and won't rip any time soon. Harmful dyes and chemicals are not present, too, so this is probably the safest and healthiest type for your dog.

The only downside? The washing involved. But, for most pet parents used to cleaning up after their dog anyway, this is nothing compared to the amount saved, the comfortable fit for your dog, and the favor you are doing to the environment.

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1.) Full dog diapers

These diapers go over your dog's bottom, are secured at the sides, and keeps both pee and poop messes. These are made specifically for dogs as these have holes for your furbaby's tail. Full dog diapers work best for dogs who are traveling, marking, not potty trained, on heat, have urinary or fecal incontinence, experience submissive urination or excitement urination, or suffer from any health condition that messes up their bladder and bowel control (like paralysis).

Dog diapers can be used on both male and female dogs for urine and poop. A belly band dog diaper is also known as a male dog belly wrap because it is specific to male dogs and urine.

2.) Belly bands for dogs

What is a dog belly band? Belly bands for male dogs are lightweight bands that work well with urine incontinence. Specifically made to be used by male dogs, belly bands work well on male dogs who are traveling, marking, not potty trained, have urinary incontinence, or suffers from a health condition that causes them to lose their bladder control. Additionally, belly bands may also be used as a post-surgery coverup, preventing your furbaby from licking, pawing, or scratching their wound or incision site. These can also be used to prevent male dogs from mating, avoiding penetration, and unplanned breeding.

Are belly bands for female dogs? Belly bands are made specifically for male dogs. Due to the positioning of male genitalia compared to female, belly bands will only be effective on male dogs for urinary accidents. A belly band for female dogs would be a full diaper due to the coverage area needed.

Always keep in mind the cost, quality, and efficiency of the diaper and belly band you are going to use for your dog. If your dog is new to these products, getting used to them will take some time but there are great dog diaper and belly band brands in the market, like Pet Parents®, that have no "crinkly" or uncomfortable texture which will help increase your dog’s comfort and acceptance.

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"Belly bands are made specifically for male dogs."

We’re proud to provide premium belly bands for dogs and dog diapers made for superior comfort, absorption, and convenience. Male dog belly wraps and dog diapers for female and male dogs can make a huge difference in your life and the life of your furbaby.