What Are the Benefits of Washable Dog Diapers?

Updated: February 19, 2024

"If your dog wears diapers for extended periods of time, washable dog diapers are the economical choice."

What are the benefits of washable dog diapers?

There is a misconception that washable dog diapers are only good because they are washable but offer no other benefits. And that is absolutely false.

Washable Dog Diapers offer a lot of benefits for it will keep your home clean and your pet family happy during times and cases that are typically stressful and messy.

Benefits of Washable Dog Diapers

They are washable

If your dog must wear a diaper for the rest of his life or even just an extended period of time, washable dog diapers are certainly the more economical way to go. Since these diapers are made to be used and washed over and over again, they are tougher and won’t rip or tear.They are also the best choice when it comes to “going green”, because they are reusable instead of being tossed into the trash.

Low cost

In the beginning, washable dog diapers may look more expensive than disposable once. However, since you’ll be using them over and over again, they are cheaper in the long run. You’ll have to spend a little more at the beginning to build a stash of diapers, but it’s more cost-effective than buying disposable ones all the time.

Made out of quality materials

Disposable diapers will be easily torn apart by your dog if wearing it for the first time makes him uncomfortable, thus creating an even bigger mess! Washable diapers are sturdier and stronger because they’re meant to last longer, and can't be easily shredded to pieces. They also do not contain any harmful gels that may irritate your dog's bottom.

When to Use Dog Diapers

Dogs in heat

While in heat, your female dog will bleed everywhere. This means blood can and will definitely stain your couch, carpet, floor, and furniture; indeed a recipe for disaster.

This is a very stressful time for you and your female dog. And to minimize that stress and prevent messes, washable dog diapers are a must to keep your house clean and to keep your female dog from always licking her vulva and keeping her hygiene on top.

Excitement Urination

Excitement urination happens when your dog gets overly excited about something to the point that he can no longer stop himself from peeing at that exact moment.

This is a very common situation, especially for pups. It can happen at any time; while playing, taking a walk, meeting new dogs, meeting new people, or when you come home. Washable dog diapers will protect any furniture or flooring from getting soiled just in case he gets excited about something at an inappropriate place to pee.

Fecal & Urinary Incontinence

Fecal and urinary incontinence are conditions in which a dog suffers from the uncontrollable or involuntary leaking of pee or poop from the bladder or bowel.

When this happens, it can be an extremely trying time, as you will feel helpless in preventing the mess from happening at any moment. Washable dog diapers will give you peace of mind knowing that any mess will be prevented.

Covering & protecting surgical wounds

Your dog will surely experience discomfort after surgery, and you will find yourself trying to do everything to stop your dog from licking or scratching the operated part to avoid any possible infections or pain.

Washable dog diapers are beneficial for you to help you with post operation management. They are easy to use and especially useful for dogs who have just gone through spaying/neutering and need protection in those areas.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Like you do, your dog can experience gastrointestinal (GI) upset from time to time and/or have chronic digestive disorders. These disorders affect the stomachs and intestines resulting in discomfort for your dog and messy cleanups for you.

While it may take some time to figure out what is going on with your dog's GI tract and to get him back in tip-top shape,washable dog diapers benefit you for it will keep your floors, rugs, and furniture from being soiled and ruined in the meantime.


Paralysis is the inability of your dog to move around. This is caused when the communication between the brain and the spinal cord is thrown into a total disorder. With paralysis, your dog will appear weak, won't be able to move/control some of his body parts or functions or won't be able to move at all!

Since he can't easily move around to go potty, there is a possibility that he will bathe in his own pee or poop. But when you have him wear washable dog diapers, this will keep the pee or poop away from his skin to avoid scalding, rashes and messy clean ups.


You may wonder if you should bring your best four-legged friend with you on vacation. After all, it would probably be much happier for your dog to be with you than cooped up in a kennel.

While traveling with pets can be a lot of fun, it can also be stressful for your pet. This stress can lead to frequent and unexpected peeing or pooping.

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Washable dog diapers are beneficial to keep your car and hotel rooms clean.

While traveling or being in a new place, your dog can become stressed out and irritable and, if uncomfortable with all the changes, he might have the tendency to shred disposable diapers to pieces, thus making more mess.

Pregnancy Prevention

You will always want to prevent unwanted pregnancy on your female dog, which is why it’s important for you to keep males away. Males can smell a female in heat from miles away and, if left to their own devices, they will do whatever it takes to get to her and breed. Washable dog diapers are the best non-surgical birth control when it comes to pregnancy prevention since it covers the vulva of your female dog thus preventing penetration.

House Training

Washable dog diapers play an important role in successful housebreaking or potty training. This benefits you if you...

  • Have young pups. It will be necessary for you to take a number of trips outside since puppies are still not able to fully control their bladder or bowel. However, as you know, making it outside every time can be tricky at first! So when this happens, washable dog diapers help prevent any mess that takes place during the house-training process.
  • Are an apartment dweller and don’t have your own backyard, so it is best for your dog to wear a diaper for safety precaution since going outside is not an easy or frequent option.
  • Recently rescued a fur-baby. In a lot of cases, rescued pups aren’t fully potty trained, or take some time getting used to their new home and environment, which results in housebreaking them and getting them into a routine.
  • Have a senior dog who may not always be able to make his way outside every time.
  • Are caring for a dog with health issues that prevent him from being able to successfully potty outside every time.

Medicine side effects

Pet medications involve a series of side effects that include vomiting, diarrhea, lumps, skin irritation, and increased or uncontrolled urination.

When your dog is taking medication that may result in any of those side effects mentioned above, washable diapers are extremely helpful in playing it safe and keeping their home clean.

Spaying incontinence

After your female dog is spayed, the strength of her urethral sphincter decreases in the year following her surgery. Urethral sphincter strength can often be improved with medication. As all dogs are different and will respond differently to treatments, veterinarians will have to use a trial and error approach to see what works best for your furry friend. Until you and your vet find a treatment that works, your best bet is to use diapers to keep your home clean.

Diapers for Postpartum

If your female has recently given birth, she will continue discharging lochia (mucus-like, bloody vaginal discharge) in the following weeks after. During this time, diapers help prevent her from soiling her puppies and the whelping box bedding, as well as any other potential messes that may come from postpartum discharge.

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"Washable dog diapers can solve a wide variety of problems and serve many different purposes for a clean, happy and healthy home!"

As you have quickly found out, washable dog diapers have an array of benefits to offer and can solve a wide variety of problems and serve many different purposes for a clean, happy and healthy home!