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Elk Antler Chews: Safe or Dangerous?

Puppy or not, your dog will continue to LOVE to chew everyday of his life. Chewing isn't only a phase, it's something your young pup will always do even when he becomes an 'old' pup!

"Though there are several dog chew toys available, most pet parents opt for elk antler chews."

Puppies chew because, just like babies, they are teething. Adult dogs chew to strengthen those chewing muscles, keep their teeth clean and keep themselves busy.

Chewing is good both physically and mentally, however, as pet parents it is our obligation to make sure that our dog chews are safe. Though there are several dog chew toys available, most pet parents opt for elk antler chews.

Elk antler chew bones are popular and you’ve probably seen them sold in your local pet store.

You might be thinking, "What are they exactly? And are they safe or can they be dangerous for my dog?"

We’re glad you asked.

Not being able to provide your fur-baby with dog chew toys will prompt him to chew on all things he sees - the legs of your dining chair, your brand new pair of shoes, the cushion of your sofa, the list goes on. You have to provide him with the appropriate dog chews - and elk antler chews are one of your best options out there!

Where do elk antler chews come from?

Animals that belong to the group cervids, like the elk, whitetail deer, moose, among others, have antlers. But not all of their antlers are created equal and this is where we'll come to understand the quality of a safe antler chew.

Before anything else!

Elk antler dog chews are soft and provide a nutritious, yet delicious, core marrow for your dog. Another plus is that they aren't prone to splintering, which means that they won't be a health concern and can't easily ruin your fur baby's pearly whites.

Unfortunately, since NOT all antlers are created equal, some elk antler chews are safe and nutritious for your pup, while others are stripped off of the essential nutrients & features. This is why using your pet parents super powers to research is important! Be cautious of those who are okay with letting low-quality products pass off as high-quality ones, all for the sake of business, but let's not go there!

Always Identify the Grade

Another important aspect of your pet parent research is knowing the different grades, and choosing the premium grade elk antler chews. Most are just graded B, C and even D.


Elk Antler Chews


The premium/Grade A ones are timely because only a few elks will shed their antlers naturally each year and can be a bit expensive but they're safe for your dog! So you'll think, why not?

The Grade B elk antler chews are of lesser quality, not fresh and most probably have been exposed to other outside rodent activity. The Grade C and D are worst. They are so old and usually have a chalky white texture and will so crack easily.

That's why Pet Parents® naturally-shed elk antler chews are very different. It is our goal as pet parents to keep our dogs entertained and healthy at the same time. Our elk antler chews are natural chews and have no artificial ingredients added that can cause any possible hazards.

This means you can feel good about giving your dog our elk antler chews because they are safe, delicious, and nutritious. And this guarantees you a safe dog treat for the many years to come!

We hope this gives you a peace of mind.

"Pet Parents® elk antler chews are natural chews and have no artificial ingredients added that can cause any possible hazards."

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Micka V.

Micka Virtudazo is a full-time content creator at Pet Parents who lives with thirteen adorable American Bullies and a Shih Tzu-Maltese mix named Gretel. She especially enjoys writing how-to articles as she feels through this she can connect to other pet parents on a more personal level.

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