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How to Stop a Dog from Eating Poop

How can you stop your dog from eating poop? Well, it takes patience from you as a Pet Parent for starters. Take a deep breath and keep reading for helpful tips and tricks.

How to stop a dog from eating poop

"The lack of certain nutrients (like iron, other vitamins, and minerals, particularly Vitamin B) in your fur-baby can cause him to eat his poop."

As a pet parent who only wants the best for your dog, poop eating is something you don't want. If not addressed properly and immediately, it might have great chances of becoming a regular (and even a lifetime) habit. We will talk about reasons and management on how to stop a dog from eating poop.


To begin, the reason for your fur-baby to be eating poop can be caused by a lot of factors. It can be because of:

Copy Cat. Puppies may begin to eat poop while still with his mama dog and his litter. You see, mama dog loves to keep her puppies clean and protect her pups from possible threats like guests in your house or from other pets at home, so she eats the stool of her litter. Mama dog does this regularly until the puppies are big enough to be weaned. And since puppies are in the stage of learning how to act like dogs, they naturally copy what mama does and the behavior may continue as the pups grow older.

Poor digestion. Your fur-baby eating poop may be caused by your dog not properly digesting his food. It can be because your dog has some issues with his digestive system or that he is regularly fed with foods that have low digestible nutrients.

Confinement. A dog who spends so much of his time confined in a small space (small cage, small kennel, etc) can cause him to eat his poop. That's why dogs in rescues are prone to this behavior.

Stress and anxiety. This is often the result of your fur-baby often being punished with harsh methods during potty training or house training. A dog will often opt to eat his poop so no evidence of an accident can be seen by his pet parent. This becomes a cycle as he has already associated it that pooping in the wrong places means punishment.

Attention. Your fur-baby might be eating his poop as a way to get your attention because he knows you'll negatively react to it. So if ever your dog does this, just remain calm as much as possible, don't overreact.

Living with a sick or senior dog. If your fur-baby eats the poop of the sick or senior dog he lives with, this can be related to a dog's natural instinct of protecting the weaker members of the pack from predators and threats.

The proximity of poop to food. Dogs who are in cages or kennels and are fed in proximity to their stools can develop connections between the poop's odor & the food's smell. Sometimes, they are unable to distinguish which is which.

Nutritional deficiency. The lack of certain nutrients (like iron, other vitamins, and minerals, particularly Vitamin B) in your fur-baby can cause him to eat his poop. Your pup eats their poop to try to put nutrients back in the body.


Here some of the most effective ways to manage and hopefully stop your fur-baby's bad poop-eating behavior.

Keep your fur-baby's living & eating area clean at all times. One way to eventually stop your fur-baby from eating his poop (or the poop of other dogs at home) is to keep his living and eating area poop-free at all times. This way, there will be no more available poops to pick up and eat.

Supervise your dog. Supervising your dog all the time will help you redirect his attention whenever he begins to show interest in indulging in poop-eating. Strict supervision is also very suitable whenever you go on walks. Pick up your fur-baby's poop immediately and absolutely pull him away from other dogs' poops on the road. Yuck!

Training. Training your dog not to eat his poop can be done well with consistency and practice. You can work on commands like "Leave it" or "Stay away" whenever your dog attempts to. It is also a good way to train your dog to come to you after he's eliminated and give him a treat, this way he'll always go looking for you for that tasty treat rather than eating his poop. Positive reinforcement is key, read more about it here.

Food. Never miss a mealtime when feeding your dog! Be consistent. Also, check to see if the food you are feeding your pup has key nutrients.

Supplement multivitamins. As mentioned, dogs eat their poop because they lack certain nutrients, Particularly Vitamin B. Supplementing your fur-baby with high-quality multivitamins will help deter your fur-baby's poop-eating habit.


Each nutrient group has different key roles in a fur baby's body. Multivitamins offer all-around wellness for your dog. You can offer Pet Parents® 5-in-1 Multivitamins if you know your fur-baby is not eating well or on episodes of stress and anxiety, especially when potty training or making accidents. This can help balance out the right proportions of the vitamins and minerals that are needed by your dog and can help ward off nutrient deficiencies.

These can also assist if you fur-baby has been diagnosed with vitamin/mineral deficiency that causes him to eat his poop and needs proper supplementation. But remember that supplements are not medications and they are not meant to cure.

Pet Parents 5-in-1 Multivitamins is unlike any other as it contains Digestive Complex. It is specifically formulated to support digestive system functions in your dogs, to promote better absorption of nutrients and to promote body detox mechanism.

It is also packed with high-quality Proprietary Enzyme Blend that supports complete gut health, Niacin that helps in the breakdown of fatty acids to help your fur-baby convert fats and carbs into sources of energy & a powerful - manufactured to keep your dog in top health and can assist in deterring his poop-eating habits!

Overreacting to things will only cause more harm than good. Take a deep breath and work on ways to stop a dog from eating poop. Figure out the trigger and you can take the necessary steps. Because a happier and healthier life, filled with slobbery kisses from a poop-proof mouth is what you absolutely want in your life!

" Each nutrient group has different key roles in a fur baby's body. Multivitamins offer all-around wellness for your dog."

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