Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Updated: May 11, 2022

Sweet potatoes are known to be natural sources of energy that are rich in vitamins and minerals. But did you know that these are beneficial to our dogs too?

Yes, sweet potato dog treats have been making its rounds in the pet industry and have been very popular in recent years. Why? Let's find out.

sweet potatoes for dogs

The origin

Let's talk about the origin of the sweet potato. Knowing more about the food you may put into your pup's body, the better! Sweet potatoes are native to the Americas. The sweet potato plant has large, starchy, sweet-flavored, tuberous roots aids in being a root vegetable. The young leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten as greens as well.

Unlike white potatoes, sweet potatoes contain a lower glycemic index. This means that sweet potatoes don't have as much sugar as white potatoes do, so your furbaby's blood sugar level will be steadier. This being said, white potatoes rank behind sweet potatoes for nutritional value and health benefits.

The benefits of sweet potato dog treats

But can this yummy food that we, humans, love so much be eaten by dogs? Yes, your dog can have sweet potato. And yes, they can be given as dog treats.

According to the American Kennel Club, sweet potatoes are an outstanding source of dietary fiber, which assists the digestive system work more efficaciously. Consuming fiber daily decreases the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers. Also, according to Kathleen Standafer Lopez, a registered dietitian nutritionist, sweet potatoes are classified as whole foods and this is why it is less likely to create immune responses and harm to the digestive system.

"Beta-carotene is what gives sweet potatoes its vibrant colors; it is also considered to boost heart health and is known to be an antioxidant that aids in lowering the risks for your furbaby to develop cancer by fighting free radicals"

As a matter of fact, sweet potato offers your furbaby a wide array of health benefits and sweet taste they'll absolutely love! Sweet potatoes are:

  • Whole foods: Since sweet potatoes are considered to be whole foods, they are less likely to create extreme immune responses and damages to your dog's gastrointestinal tract.
  • High in fiber: Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber that helps promote digestive health by encouraging regular bowel movements and making better cases of constipation & diarrhea.
  • Rich in vitamin A: Sweet potatoes are one of the top dietary sources of vitamin A, which helps in maintaining healthy eyes, skin, nerves, and muscles for your furbaby.
  • Rich in vitamin C: This helps boost and help the immune system to function well.
  • Beta-carotene filled: Sweet potatoes are jam-packed with beta-carotene. This is what gives sweet potatoes its vibrant yellow, orange, or even purple colors; it is also considered to help boost heart health and is known to be an antioxidant that aids in lowering the risks for your furbaby to develop cancer by fighting free radicals.

How can you give sweet potato to your dog?

Sweet potatoes can be given to your dogs in many ways. As stated by The Bark, you should not be giving your dogs raw sweet potatoes. Instead, make sure these sweet potatoes should always be cooked. Bake or steam then mash, then add a little to your dog’s normal meal. Steaming or boiling, in fact, maintains more of the sweet potatoes’ nutrients than roasting or baking does. Because sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, introduce them slowly to your furbaby. You can also give sweet potato as supplements in the form of delicious sweet potato dog treats.

Though sweet potatoes are good and beneficial for your furbaby, moderation should always be observed since sweet potatoes are known to have high vitamin A and too much of it can cause muscle and bone weakness. If your dog has or is prone to yeast allergies and yeast infections talk to your vet about an option.

Sweet potatoes are also high in fiber and should be given accordingly taking your dog's age, weight, lifestyle, and health status into consideration. A sudden increase of fiber intake by your furbaby can cause gastrointestinal tract problems. This is why giving sweet potato as dog treats or supplements are most recommended.

How pet parents® can help

We'll let you in on something: All of Pet Parents® SoftSupps® contain sweet potatoes! How cool is that?

Sweet potatoes in our supplements have valuable nutrients that can help support your furbaby's immune & digestive health. These supplements also help with healthy detoxification & excretory processes. Well, basically provide an overall health support for your dog!

Other benefits of Pet Parents® SoftSupps™ with sweet potato includes:

  • Stimulate the activity of your dog’s need to properly digest food and metabolize waste
  • Increase the levels of fatty acids that can help protect your furbaby against carcinogenesis, inflammatory bowel disease, and some chronic allergies

Another thing that's great, too, about sweet potatoes in our supplements is that they serve as an inactive ingredient that helps your dog actually want to eat our supplements! No forcing them to open their mouths! It's a total treat not only for your furbaby but also for you!

Other great things about Pet Parents® Supplements:

  • High-quality: Pet Parents® supplements are manufactured and developed in the highest level, Safe Quality Food facility that is FDA inspected and GMP-approved so you will be at peace that your furbaby is safe when taking these supplements.
  • Reliable and checked: Pet Parents® supplements were put through trials for dangerous bacterial pathogens, such as salmonella and E.Coli
  • Secured and Protected: It may seem like not really a big deal, but our Soft Chew Supplements are enclosed in containers with a heat-inducted seal liner that is air tight. This keep the supplements inside safe, away from any possible contamination, ensuring freshness.

As mentioned above, sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamins A, C, B6, potassium, calcium, and iron, just to name a few! Sweet potato dog treats are, undeniably, one of the safest and healthiest treats you can give your dog.

Aside from being jam-packed with nutrients, they're also very easy to give to your furbaby. They will definitely love it! And with all the benefits sweet potato dog treats bring? We know you'll love these, too!

"Sweet potatoes in our supplements have valuable nutrients that can help support your furbaby's immune & digestive health. It promotes digestive & immune health, & helps with healthy detoxification & excretory processes."