Should Dogs in Heat Wear Diapers?

Updated: April 05, 2023

A female dog going into heat is a milestone for every pet parent. Dogs in heat can cause a range of excitement, panic, and a lot of questions, too! As your female dog goes through a lot of behavioral and physical changes while in heat, one of the changes you’ll notice is that she will produce a bloody discharge and male dogs will constantly be lurking around. The solution to this? Diapers.

Or is it?

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"Just like how a woman gets her monthly menstruation, the heat cycle will continue all throughout your female dog's life"

In this article, we’ll talk about what female dog diapers for heat cycles are, the role of dog diapers for dogs in heat, should they wear diapers, and many other things you can do to help manage your dog’s heat cycle properly.

Do Dogs Get Periods?

What is a dog "in season"? A dog 'in season' is a dog who is experiencing her heat cycle. This is the time where your female dog is most fertile (and sometimes the best time to breed her, given she's mature enough). Just like how a woman gets her monthly menstruation, the heat cycle will continue all throughout your female dog's life.

When do female dogs have periods? And how long does a dog in heat bleed? Four Paws states that majority of female dogs experience their first heat at around six months old, some at around 18 to 24 months old.  Others can go into heat even longer than that, especially for large-breed dogs. When dogs go into heat can vary greatly from one dog to another.

Stages of the Dog Heat Cycle

There are four stage of the dog heat cycle. These stages will vary in the changes that will happen to your furbaby's body and behavior.  The four stages are the following:

Proestrus: This is the beginning of your dog’s heat period. Her body will get ready for mating and will begin to show heat signs like a swollen vulva and discharge.

Estrus: This stage is where your furbaby will begin becoming receptive to males and will approach males with her tail held to the side, getting ready for a possible breeding. You’ll also notice her getting aggressive toward other female dogs.

Diestrus: This is the phase of the heat cycle in dogs where your furbaby's body return to its normal state or develop for pregnancy.

Anestrus: Anestrus is the inactive phase of a dog’s heat cycle. There will be no signs of hormonal or sexual behavior during this stage.

Stages of the Dog Heat Cycle, female dogs in heat, dog period

What to Expect with Dogs in Heat

Your female dog exhibits fairly obvious symptoms when she's almost near her heat. If you keep watch of her most of the time, you will notice the many body and behavioral changes she will undergo.

Swelling. Observe your dog’s private area. If she is about to go into heat, her vulva will begin to swell. Simply take a look at her back end, a swollen vulva will be very noticeable.

A lot of licking. You will notice that your furbaby will keep on licking her vulva.

Discharge. Expect that there will be discharge. Female dogs going into heat will bleed. Typically, one week after the vulva begins to swell, you should notice the bleeding that will approximately last for 10 days. The discharge can range in color from deep red to pink to white, depending on the dog. Your dog will be fertile about 12 days after the bleeding slows and gets thinner and lighter. You can protect your home from any sort of discharge with dog heat diapers.

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Should Your Dog in Heat Wear Diapers? 

Yes! Dog diapers for females come very handy for dogs in heat and for many reasons. But, does your dog really need dog period pads or dog diapers for heat? If you are looking to prevent messes, "period diapers" are really the way to go. But, not all dog heat diapers will work the same. For optimal coverage and functionality, provide your furbaby only with high-quality diapers like dog diapers from Pet Parents®.

Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers will come in handy for:

Bleeding during heat requires dog diapers for heat. As mentioned, while in heat, your female dog will bleed and blood stain might soil things in your house. This means blood can and will get on your couch, carpet, floor, and furniture; a recipe for disaster! Your furbaby will also bleed for a number of days and Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers can just be reused instead of using the disposable ones that can only add up to a larger pile of trash in your home.

Putting a dog diaper on your furbaby when you notice the signs so that the first drips are caught in the diaper is also recommended instead of finding them later to know it's time for the diaper. Dog diapers for heat act as dog period pads. You should supervise your dog wearing a diaper if they are not used to wearing one. We recommend putting the diaper on your dog several times with positive reinforcement before they actually need one. Supervision and reinforcement can prevent your dog from trying to tear off the diaper or trying to eat period diapers for dogs. It can also be helpful to protect your home with Pawtect® Pads, washable and reusable pet pads.

Frequent urination during heat can benefit from dog diapers. Pay attention to how often your dog is urinating. When female dogs are almost in heat, they will urinate more frequently than normal. So, if your dog is begging to go out more often or is constantly having accidents in the house (when she doesn’t before), this is another sign she is getting closer.

When this happens, it can be an extremely frightening time, as you will feel helpless in preventing the mess from happening at any moment inside your house. Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers for heat will give you peace of mind knowing that any mess will be prevented from happening in your home.

These dog diapers for heat are adjustable and have a hook & loop system to help support your furbaby’s body type all while providing her a leak-proof fit. Aside from that, Pet Parents® Washable Dog Diapers are made with soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric that wicks away liquid fast compared to other options in the market. Helping to prevent diaper rash and urine burns, dog diapers for females allow your pup to be comfortable.

In addition to period diapers for dogs, you can use pads for dogs in heat. To make sure nothing ever gets soiled with your furbaby's bloody discharge and her frequent urination and/or accidents, you can use Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads for extra leakage protection. These premium washable pads for dogs in heat are made with a large, wide zig zag stitch accompanied by the sturdy, straight stitches make for one strong binding. This secure, triple-stitched binding ensures that you don't have to worry about whether or not your puppy pads are going to successfully prevent a mess without falling apart. Pawtect® Pads are made to be helpful anywhere in your life – your pup's crate, on the couch, in the car... the options are endless!

Dog diapers for heat can stop male dogs lurking. As Hillspet stated, at a certain point, your female dog will begin to give off a distinct smell that will signal non-neutered males. If you start to notice male dogs around your yard, or they are accosting you when you are walking your female dog, it is more than likely she is in heat and ready for breeding. During this time, be careful to not leave your dog unattended in your yard or walk her off the lead. Keep her close and safe.

You can let your female dog wear dog diapers as this will cover her private area. And even if there are male dogs lurking around her, it can prevent penetration and can't be easily shredded into pieces; a great pregnancy prevention! Note: while diapers are usually effective at preventing pregnancy, it is still not 100% certain and a female in heat should never be left unsupervised if a male could have access to her.

So should dogs in heat wear diapers? Absolutely! Having your furbaby wear dog diapers for heat helps manage her heat cycle should be a wonderful experience. Make sure to watch your dog closely, look for these signs, and give her some extra love and attention.

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"Putting a diaper on when you notice the signs so that the first drips are caught in the diaper is also recommended instead of finding them later to know it's time for the diaper."

Pet Parents® offers the widest selection of dog heat diapers. These are perfect female dog diapers for heat and available online so you can keep your house clean during “that time.” From extra small to extra large dog diapers, there is an option for dogs big and small. Remember that your dog may feel and act a little different during her heat cycle. Use dog heat diapers to help her remain comfortable in all her favorite spots throughout her heat cycle.