Cat Diapers and Things Needed When Traveling With a Cat

Updated: April 05, 2023

"Cats can get a little too clingy with what they're used to and easily get stressed out, which is why cat diapers can really come in handy!"

Cat diapers and things needed when traveling with a cat

Cats are wonderful companions! There's no doubt about that. They are adorable, love cuddles and just want to always stick around with you. Their charming characteristics will make them great travel buddies, too! But, ironically, not all their characteristics will charm you. Cats can get a little too clingy with what they're used to and easily gets stressed out, which is why cat diapers can really come in handy!

Why Cat Diapers are A Must

Many cats are not used to pooping or peeing on stopovers. To make your cat's life easier, it is best to let her wear cat diapers. These diapers also save you time because you don't have to make rest stops every now and then.

Don’t settle for cheap copycats. Choose cat diapers that have fur-safe adjustable velcro system, sewn-in multi-layer super-absorbent pad and made specifically to protect your adorable feline while on the road. Cat Diapers Sizing Tips: Measure your cat's waist size and don't just guess.

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Moreover, if you have traveled with your cat before, then you might have the idea of what else you need and what else to prepare for the trip. But if this is your first time, we have listed down the preparations you will be needing to have a happy cat and hassle-free travel all throughout.

Just like little babies, cats need a LOT when travelling.

Cat Carrier

Carriers are sturdy, protects your cat from bumps along the road and keeps her away from interfering with your driving. You can add sat belts to buckle her up for additional safety on your trip.

Make sure your cat still has enough room for some stretching and standing, but not too much that she can already roam around the carrier.

Food and Water

This is self explanatory, isn't it? See to it that you pack your kitty's favorite foods on easy-access and easy-to-reach bags and containers. Bring along with you bottled water so she can always have water breaks anytime, even when you're in the middle of nowhere! Also a food bowl (and her fave treats!) in case she gets hungry, but remember to feed her only small amounts for her to avoid being sick while inside the car.

Pee Pads

Pee pads can be very helpful, too, if you want to make sure that your car seat does not get soiled. It can also act as a scratch post so your cat does not damage the car seat.


Long road trips can be stressful and boring, and this can make your cat a little bit crazy. That's why it's almost as important to bring an ammo of toys to keep kitty entertained.

Updated IDs

Before you go on that dream road trip, update your cat's identifications and tags first. Not that we think your cat will get lost or escape, but you know, as responsible pet parents we just to make sure. Also have your cat's pictures on your phone and/or printed out, so you can easily share it if something bad ever happens.

Emergency Contact

In case of any accidents along the way or some emergency cases, always have your veterinarian's contact details with you. Or if it's too far to go back home, list down all the veterinary clinics and animal medical centers you'll pass by on your way to your destination.

Using a cat travel checklist to prepare for your trip will ensure you don't forget anything and you bring everything that will keep your cat happy and healthy on your adventure together!

"Many cats are not used to going potty on command. To make you and your cat's life easier, it is best to let her wear cat diapers while you travel for long road trips"