Should Dogs Have Blankets?

Updated: July 14, 2022

"Better sleep patterns add years to your furbaby’s life! Isn’t this enough reason why dogs should have blankets?"

As humans, we love to snuggle up in our blankets because they keep us warm and give us a sense of security. But should dogs have blankets? This is quite an interesting question and is also something that pet parents should educate themselves about.

In this article, we’ll learn about what dog blankets are, if your furbaby should have them, and what these blankets have to offer to better your furbaby’s quality of life.

Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Dog blankets are mainly used to keep furbabies snuggly, warm, and cozy. But do dogs feel cold? According to Pets Radar, dogs get cold just like we do, no matter how dense or thick their coats are, that help insulate their bodies.

To know if your dog is feeling cold, look for the following common signs:

  • shivering
  • shaking
  • cowered position with a tucked tail
  • whining
  • seeks a place for shelter

But blankets are not only for when your dog feels cold. Like you, your furbaby may also find comfort and security curling under a blanket especially during sleeping & resting hours and stressful situations. Dogs are considered to be pack animals and it is in their nature to be sleeping in piles. It is also innate in them to take a rest or sleep in a space where they feel warm, protected, and safe.

Benefits of a Dog Blanket

Should dogs have blankets? The short answer to that is yes. Here are some of the reasons how dog blankets can make your furbaby’s quality of life even better.

It soothes and relaxes your dog. One of the best things about dog blankets is the soothing nature it offers to your furbaby. A blanket, being a source of comfort, will help keep your dog remain calm and relax.

Some pet parents don’t allow their dogs to sleep with them on the same bed which makes providing a dog blanket to your furbaby even more necessary, as it’s what will wrap soothe your dog while you are not by their side during resting and sleeping hours.

do dogs need blankets?

Studies have concluded that there is a connection between feeling comfortable and getting a good rest so you should be applying this to your furbaby, too!

It keeps your dog warm. Do blankets keep dogs warm? Most pet parents assume that since dogs have fur, they no longer feel cold. As mentioned above, dogs feel cold, too. And this is where a pet blanket can come in handy.

Keeping your furbaby warm so that they are healthy and well-rested is a responsibility of a pet parent not to be taken lightly.

It helps build familiarity that aids stress and anxieties. Your furbaby is most likely to identify your presence with comfort and security. This means that whenever you are not with them, they begin to feel uncomfortable and anxious. Other dogs experience separation anxiety and develop destructive & undesirable behaviors while their pet parents are away.

Rubbing your scent on the dog blanket can help build familiarity that’s going to help your furbaby big time and help ensure that they don’t go on full restless mode whenever you’re not around.

It improves sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the normal dog sleeps for about 12 to 14 hours in a 24-hour cycle. Puppies, who spend a lot of energy running around and exploring many things may require as much as 18 to 20 hours. While older dogs, on the other hand, need more rest, as do certain breeds like the Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, and St. Bernards.

Dogs are considered to be flexible when it comes to sleeping. Your furbaby can easily get active when there’s something happening they’re interested in or threatened with, like you arriving from work or a sudden thunder and sleep whenever they’re bored or tired.

A dog blanket is able to provide your furbaby comfort while sleeping and therefore helps improve their sleep. Want to know something better? Better sleep patterns add years to your furbaby’s life! Isn’t this enough reason why dogs should have blankets?

It gives you peace of mind. Providing your dog with a blanket will give you peace of mind. Is my dog cold? Does my dog feel safe? A blanket will help ensure your furbaby is safe and sound while resting or sleeping.

Additionally, some dog blankets, particularly Pawtect® Blankets, are made to be waterproof! These become an added layer of protection for leaks your dog may make while they’re busy dreaming. These kinds of blankets give you peace of mind knowing that your dog is dry and cozy while curling in at any time of the day, and your furniture safe from any accidents.

They're easy to wash Washable blankets are an easy way to keep your dog warm and cozy without worrying about dog hair everywhere. In fact, you can even throw FurBall® into the washing machine and dryer with your dog's blanket to remove the pet hair from your laundry. FurBall® is safe for all types of laundry, from dog blankets to your own clothes and will knock off unwanted pet hair and debris while going through the laundry cycle.

What Makes Pawtect® BlanketsOne-of-a-Kind?

The average dog blankets sold in pet stores are not enough. They may make your dog feel comfortable but that’s it! Pawtect® Blankets are the best blankets for your furbaby and here’s why.

Pawtect® Blankets are equipped with features that make them stand out from all other pet blankets. They have:

  • LockJaw® that aids in preventing fast fraying & wearing and also limits chewers and teething pups to stay away from chewing the blanket’s edges.
  • EdgePawtector™ that pulls back moisture into the waterproof blanket, preventing any messes
  • WickQuick® that absorbs and wicks away moisture fast
  • Sherpup® Proprietary Multi-layered Fabric that has an interior barrier which does not allow any moisture to pass through and leak onto your furniture

We’ll let you in on something more: There are also the Pawtect® Blanket Plus that has the same powerful absorption capacity of Pawtect® Pads as these dog blankets have added multiple layers of padding, providing your home great mess and accident pawtection.

The Benefits of Pawtect® Blankets

Aside from keeping your furbaby comfy, Pawtect® Blankets also have a number of benefits that last a lifetime!

  • Can serve as a pet bed. Pawtect® Blankets can serve as the perfect pet bed for your furbaby. These blankets also give you peace of mind as you won’t have to worry anymore about leaks, stains, and loose fur.
  • Can serve as a crate blanket. These pee absorbent blankets can serve as a crate blanket to prevent your furbaby from bathing on their own pee while they are kept inside their crates.
  • Can serve as a whelping blanket. Your female furbaby and her litter must always be kept warm, dry, and comfortable. Pawtect® Blankets will help keep your dog and her pups healthier, happier, and safer while trying to recover and grow well.
  • Offer comfort to a new pet. A new pet will feel uneasy in their new home while trying to adjust. Providing your pup or kitty a puppy blanket or a cat blanket, like Pawtect® Blankets, will help them get familiar and create a safe place they can call their own.
  • Serve as furniture protection. Having pets at home comes with accidents, leaks, shedding, drooling, and so many other things. Pawtect® Blankets can be couch covers for dogs and help serve as furniture protection when faced with any of the things mentioned.
  • Help you manage incontinence. Pawtect® Blankets are a must-have if ever you have incontinent dogs at home or furbabies with mobility issues that find it hard to potty on designated areas in your house or to go outside.
  • Help during travels. Traveling can cause stress and anxiety to most furbabies but Pawtect® Blankets can help keep them calm, relaxed, and secured even while away from home.

Should dogs have blankets? Yes!

Dog blankets, particularly Pawtect® Blankets, not only pawtect your furbaby but also your furniture at home. These blankets also come with a long list of good stuff about them so you and your furbaby can live a happier and healthier life.

"Pawtect® Blankets can be couch covers for dogs and help serve as furniture protection."