The Difference Between Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets and Pawtect® Pads

Updated: May 06, 2022

"Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads are ideal for protecting your floor."

The difference between Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets and Pawtect® Pads

A clean home makes a happy pet parent, right? Pet Parents® thought so. Pet Parents® has products that protect your home and can be used together in many different circumstances.

In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between Pawtect® Blankets and Pawtect® Pads, what these Pet Parents® products are, and how these can make your life and your fur baby’s life healthier and happier.

What are Pawtect® Pads?

Many pet parents refer to dog pads in many names. Some refer to them as piddle pads, wee-wee pads, potty pads, pee pads, training pads, the list goes on!

If you haven’t heard or used this Pet Parents® product before, Pawtect® Pads are not just pee pads. Pawtect® Pads are highly absorbent and leak-proof, making them a perfect product to protect your home. These are made from a proprietary fabric blend that quickly wicks, absorbs, and holds in more liquid per square inch than other dog pads in the market, locking the liquid in the pad so it can't be tracked all over your home.

Shape. Pawtect® Pads are either rectangular (Natural Classic) or circular (Natural Round) layers of superb absorbent materials for many purposes, especially for their ability to soak up and absorb any sort of mess, like your furbaby’s pee or spilled water.

Sizes. These pads are available in many sizes so whatever your furbaby’s size may be, it is guaranteed that they will fit right into the pad. The Natural Classic pads are available in XS (18” x 24”), S (24” x 36”), M (34” x 36”), and XL (41”). The Natural Round pads are available in S (17”), M (36”), and L (48”).

Color. In each pack comes two Pawtect® Pads in tan and grey. No matter where these pads are placed in your house, it will naturally blend right in with your home’s aesthetic.

Uses. Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads are mainly used to protect your floor. As pads, Pawtect® Pads can be used as:

  • House Training Pad. This is when you train your furbaby to go to a designated space in your house to go potty and make use of Pawtect® Pads as the potty area.
  • Crate lining. Pawtect® Pads can be used as a crate liner to help prevent your furbaby from laying in their own mess if they have an accident when they are inside their crate.
  • Whelping Pad. Pawtect® Pads can be used as whelping pads to help keep your mother dog and her litter warm and dry.
  • Beddings for Incontinent Pets. These pads are also essential for incontinent pets. You can use Pawtect® Pads as beddings for your incontinent pet or for your pet who has mobility issues and finds going somewhere else to potty quite difficult.
  • Post-Surgery Pad. Pawtect® Pads are an excellent bedding substitute for fur-babies who have recently gone under surgery and are recovering. As stated by the experts at VCA Hospitals, pets are prone to constant peeing, pooping, and vomiting after surgery because of the side effects of potent medicines and anesthesia. Your furbaby after surgery can feel dizzy for some time and Pawtect® Pads offer a great way to help keep your furbaby comfortable and your home clean at the same time.
  • Under bowls and litter boxes. Pawtect® Pads can also be placed under water bowls, food bowls, and litter boxes. These pads are able to catch your furbaby’s mess to prevent those messy cleanups you dread so much.

What are Pawtect® Blankets?

Pawtect® Blankets are not just your ordinary pet blankets as these blankets are actually waterproof! Made with proprietary Sherpup® multi-layer material and faux fur fabric, this pee resistant blanket has boundaries that do not allow moisture or liquid to leak through any sides. These are excellent cat blankets or dog blankets.

Isn’t it a great sight to see your furbaby all cozy while curling in with our blankets and your furniture safe from any kind of accidents & damages?

pet blankets, dog blanket, cat blanket

Shape. These pee proof dog blankets are rectangular in shape. It is developed with the EdgePawtector™ feature that keeps away spills and messes from leaking through. This technology brings moisture right back into the absorbent parts of the blanket, creating no spills or messes at all!

Size. These blankets are available in three sizes. Pawtect® Blankets are available in Small (24” x 32”), Medium (32” x 40”), and Large (50” x 60”). These dimensions are mindful of your furbaby’s sizes. So even if your furbaby is a teeny tiny Chihuahua or a gentle giant Rottweiler, you’re assured that there are blankets that fit them.

Color. Pawtect® Blankets are available in either chocolate or slate. These colors are the top-rated colors among pet parents and modern homes! Whichever color you choose, your blanket will blend in well with your home.

Uses. Pawtect® Blankets are mainly used to protect your furniture and provide you with solutions for your pet at any stage of their life! These blankets can be used as:

  • To protect your furniture. If your furbaby suddenly leaks or creates an accident while curling in their favorite Pawtect® Blanket, no worries. Pawtect® Blankets can serve as a dog blanket that protects your couch, bed, or whatever furniture your pup is napping on. Now, you don’t have to worry about messy cleanups and soiled furniture as these blankets are leak-proof!
  • Traveling blanket. When traveling, Pawtect® Blankets can be a dog blanket for car to help prevent drink spills, seat scratches, and drool messes from your furbaby. Also, it gives your furbaby comfort to feel right at home.
  • Crate blanket. If your furbaby stays in their crate at certain times of the day (like when sleeping at home) or whenever you are away for work, Pawtect® Blankets can be used as a crate blanket. This pee absorbent blanket does not only make your furbaby feel all cozy inside their crate but will also prevent soak up any accidents, keeping your furbaby dry.
  • Comfort blanket. Our furbabies need something to comfort them, too, during stressful and anxious situations. Pawtect® Blankets as comfort blankets are best for new pets at home or with furbabies who are triggered by different stressors. What’s even more exciting? Pawtect® Blankets have a LockJaw™ binding that creates clean edges, making your furbaby double think about chewing it!
  • Pet beds. Keep your furbaby’s bed feel homey and guarded so your pet can snuggle up without having to go crazy about undesirable things and messes that can happen while you and your pet are sleeping.
  • Whelping blanket. Pawtect® Blankets do great with keeping your female pet and her litter dry and warm for them to recover and grow quickly and happily.
  • As an incontinence solution. With incontinence, Pawtect® Blankets are best paired with Pawtect® Pads. You can pads under this pee blanket for that ultimate leak-free pawtection!

Pawtect® Blankets and Pawtect® Pads have a lot of differences but they can be used together:

  • while traveling
  • while your furbaby is in their crate
  • whenever your furbaby uses Pawtect® Blankets as a pet bed or a comfort blanket
  • during your female dog’s whelping period
  • for your incontinent pets

The Power of Two in One

Do you want something that has both features of looking as stylish on your couch as a blanket but has the absorption of a pad?

Pawtect® Blanket Plus has the power of two in one! It has all of the same powerful absorption, leak-proof, and waterproof features like that of our Pawtect® Pads. It has added multiple of padding, providing your home the ultimate pawtection!

"Pawtect® Blankets are are ideal for protecting your furniture and provide you with solutions for your pet at any stage of their life."

What they do mainly is to ultimately pawtectyour house and your furbaby from messes and accidents - all for a happier and healthier life ahead together.