The Pet Parents® Guide to Pet Blankets

Updated: April 28, 2022

For most pet parents, keeping their dogs and cats inside the house is normal, whether it is during the day or during the night. When pet parents keep their pets indoors, the idea to be prepared for whatever accident or mess is always a priority - from crates to litter boxes, to pads, and of course, blankets!

Blankets, particularly Pawtect® Blankets, are there to provide comfort for your pets and to give you peace of mind knowing that even if licking, leaking, and any unwanted messes happen, your fur-baby is still safe & sound and your home is clean.

In this article, we’ll talk about how Pet Parents® Waterproof Pawtect® Blankets can help so your pets can now curl up anytime, anywhere and your concerns can rest just as easy.

The Pet Parents® Guide to Pet Blankets

"Pet Parents Pawtect® Blankets are what they say they are: blankets! But these are not the ordinary ones you used to see in the market."

What are Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets?

Pet Parents Pawtect® Blankets are not just any ordinary blankets for pets as they are waterproof blankets. Pawtect® Blankets are particularly produced and created with special faux fur fabric. They are made with our proprietary Sherpup® multi-layer material that offers not only the most comfortable and coziest fabric around, but also creates a barrier that does not allow any liquid to pass between both exterior fabrics.

Want something even more amazing? Pawtect® Blankets are offered in different styles, sizes, and color options so you won’t have to worry about the blankets not fitting in your home’s aesthetic. You can place these blankets anywhere your fur-baby loves to curl up, protecting your home and keeping your fur-baby comfortable.

What Makes Pawtect® Blankets Special?

Let’s dig deeper into the things that make Pawtect® Blankets different from all the other pet blankets offered in the market. Pawtect® Blankets have:

  • EdgePawtector™: This feature assists in averting spill-overs and messes that hardly miss the edge of the blanket. The proprietary edge protection technology that is incorporated in Pawtect® Blankets shoves moisture back into the waterproof section of the blanket.
  • LockJaw®: The LockJaw® feature locks down moisture and doesn’t let go - just like how the name suggests. This aids in preventing the blanket from wearing thin and fraying. LockJaw® also holds up to teething pups or any pets who like to chew and tear!
  • WickQuick®: This technology absorbs moisture right from the very surface of the dog blanket and draws it back in. So whatever position your fur-baby is curled up in, you know there will always be pawtection.
  • Sherpup® Fabric: This proprietary multi-layered fabric generates an interior barrier that does not allow liquid or moisture to pass through and also what gives Pawtect® Blankets the unmatchable softness and comfiness appropriate for your fur-baby.

There is also the Pawtect® Blanket Plus. This type of blanket bumps it up another level and adds absorption layers like that of the Pawtect® Pads. These blankets have added multiple layers of padding that give support in absorbing moisture and locking it in, generating the optimum mess solution!

The Pet Parents® Guide to Pet Blankets

The Many Uses of Pawtect® Blankets

Pawtect® Blankets are more than just making your fur-baby feel comfortable while curling up. They also have a lot of uses that are beneficial not only for your fur-baby, but for your whole family and home as well. Pawtect® Blankets:

  • Provide comfort to a new pet. A new pet will take some time to get used to their new home. When they are trying to adjust to their new place, there will be countless markings, spraying, submissive urination, and excitement urination. During this situation, provide your new pet with something nice and warm that is also able to protect your home. Plus, the LockJaw® binding feature of Pawtect® Blankets presents clean edges that discourage your fur-baby from chewing it. As stated by PetMD, it was suggested by Dr. Malora Roberts, associate veterinarian of Deepwood Veterinary Clinic in Centerville, it is better to use pet blankets that are harder for pets to shred.
  • Protect your furniture. As a pet parent, you are faced with the everyday dilemma of your fur-baby’s drooling when chewing something, your fur-baby’s sudden leaking, and so many more things to mention. Pawtect® Blankets are pee resistant blankets that can act as couch covers for dogs. It also helps you protect your floor, carpet, couch, favorite chair, bed, or anywhere else your fur-baby loves to hang around.
  • Assist in managing incontinence. Pawtect® Blankets come in handy when you are dealing with pets who suffer from incontinence, have a fur-baby who is already in their senior years, or have a pet who has mobility issues and has trouble going out or going to the designated potty area in your house.
  • Help during travel. Traveling can be fun when your fur-baby is with you but it can be a total nightmare if you’re not prepared enough for it. Most dogs get anxious when traveling and you can be stressed out, too, with the possible spilled drinks, accidents, scratches on your car seat, and drool. Talk about a complete disaster! But with Pawtect® Blankets, you are at peace that your car seats are covered and your fur-baby is less stressed as these comfy dog blanket for car may help them feel like they’re just at home.
  • Can be used as pet beds. Pawtect® Blankets are best as pet beds for your fur-baby. With this pee proof dog blanket, your fur-baby can actually be with you on your bed or on your couch without you having to worry about fur, stains, and leaks. It can also be a cat or dog blanket for the couch. According to Go Get Plan, the familiar feel of a comfy bed in a snuggly blanket can help your fur-baby relax, much like a human baby who finds a security blanket soothing.
  • May be used as crate blankets. Pawtect® Blankets are essential when you are trying to house train your pet. These pee absorbent blankets can be used as crate blankets to prevent your fur-baby from laying in their own pee and from smelling bad, too! How? Pawtect® Blankets have proprietary WickQuick® technology, which wicks away moisture from the surface and pulls it into the pee proof blanket to protect your fur-baby.
  • May be used as whelping pads. Mama dog and her pups must be kept warm, dry, and comfy all the time to help them recover and grow well respectively. Pawtect® Blankets are soft, able to absorb any moisture or wetness, and will help keep mama dog and her litter smelling fresh and feeling happier.

Best Paired With Other Pet Parents® Products

Aside from its many use cases, Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets are also best paired with other Pet Parents® products! How cool is that?

Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets can be paired with:

  • Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads. This is by far the best matchup! Imagine having both Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets and Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads to protect your home! These Pet Parents® Pawtect® products have an endless amount of uses! They are best used for incontinent pets or pets with mobility issues, potty training, whelping, traveling, post-surgery management, etc. You can lay our pads under our pee blanket and voila, no mess can be traced! Note: Pawtect® Pads are great for covering your floors and Pawtect® Blankets are great for covering your furniture.
  • Dog diapers and Belly Bands. Pet Parents® Dog Diapers and Pet Parents® belly bands can act as the main line of mess defense. Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets can then be that added leakage protection to make sure no mess happens in your home.
  • Pet Parents® SoftSupps®. As our SoftSupps® help provide your pup holistic nutrition, these supplements also strengthen your fur-baby’s kidneys and bladder while Pawtect® Blanket protects your fur-baby and your house from accidents. SoftSupps® also help keep your fur-baby calm and relaxed during stressful situations while curling up comfortably in the Pawtect® Blanket.
  • Gnawtlers®. Worried about your fur-baby drooling and slobbering up while having the time of their life gnawing on their favorite Gnawtlers®? Pawtect® Blankets are coming to the rescue. Your fur-baby can actually chew Gnawtlers® anytime and anywhere while curling up and feeling cozy in our Pawtect® Blankets.

"The proprietary edge protection technology that is incorporated in the Pawtect® Blankets bounces moisture back into the waterproof or absorbent section of the blanket."

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Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets are your new secret weapon when it comes to pawtecting your home & your fur-baby and keeping your fur family comfier and happier. Add to cart now and experience how it will make your life even better!