Caring for Newborn Pups

It is both a joy and a big responsibility for us, pet parents, to care of our newborn pups. In most cases, mama dog will give all the needed care for her litter and we just assist or just watch at all!

But what if… the litter is/must be separated from the mother? What if mama dog has rejected her little, or can’t produce enough milk, or is not responsible enough in taking good care of her young?

High-quality care is needed if you act as a surrogate mother for the litter. Here, we have noted one by one the things you need to provide to ensure the puppies grow healthy and happy.

Proper Feeding

In case you are caring for orphan pups or when mama dog is out of the picture, feeding can be critical. You just don’t give the pups any milk (like cow’s milk!) because this can cause diarrhea. It is best that you consult your vet first on what to give the puppies and pn how to properly feed them.

Newborn pups must be fed every 2 hours or you’ll know when they’re hungry because they will begin to cry and move around.

After feeding time, remember that these pups still can’t pee or poop on their own. Mama dog is supposed to stimulate them by licking, and since you’re acting mother to them, you can’t possibly lick them, too. Will you? Kidding aside, you can use a piece of cloth or cotton swab and gently rub it on their anal or urinary areas. Make sure to do this every after feeding.

Healthy Environment

With constant supervision, the puppies should have an area to themselves, that is comfortable enough for them (and that allows them to freely crawl around). Without mama dog, there will be no one to lick clean the pups and you can’t really guard them 24/7. So expect that there will be poop all over.

Cleanliness is one of your major concerns and you must maintain a healthy den for the pups. Make sure that you change the beddings on a daily basis (to avoid the pups crawling and rolling over their own poop!).

Warning Signs

For a few weeks, the pups will not be able to do things on their own. At this period, it is recommended that you check for any forms of abnormalities, physically and with their behavior.

If there is any (we hope there is none!), contact your veterinarian immediately for it to be addressed and/or treated.

Comfort Dry

Your pups must be kept warm and dry at all times. Newborn pups cannot generate their own heat and still relies from mama dog or from the other pups for heat.

Look for ways to keep their den warm. You can use heating pads in the area. But make sure it is strategically placed to avoid frying out the pups!

You can also line their den with newspapers, towels or puppy pads to act as whelping pads! That’s why our washable pee pads utilize the best fabrics available to suck in, lock in, & prevent your fur baby from tracking their mess everywhere. They are also are waterproof, leakproof, & our StickyPaw™ backing grips the floor providing an anti-slip grip.