House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Keeping your house clean while living with your pet is probably one of the most challenging things, like ever! We've all been there and it's always an everyday struggle.

Owning a pet comes with a lot of wonderful things but it won't always be easy as cleaning up after your fur-baby is an exhausting job. But really, it doesn't have to! In this article, we'll share some smart house cleaning tips for pet owners that will make our lives a lot easier.

Dirt stops right at the door. If your pet loves to spend his time outdoors digging or playing, make sure any amount of dirt or mud is left outside. Instead of having to follow your pet's dirty paw prints all over the house and scrub the heck out of it, leave a towel and some water by the door. So when your fur-baby decides to come inside, you'll be able to wash his feet immediately. It's also a good idea to train your pet to wait by the door while his paws are being cleaned before coming inside the house.

Deep-clean all of your pet's belongings and toys. If you want to keep your home clean, then your pet's belongings must also be kept clean to avoid any stinky and foul odors. This is an important house cleaning tip since most of your pet's belongings seem to smell pretty fast. From your pet's collars, leashes, toys, blankets, beds, pee pads, and all other pet-related belongings, deep cleaning is most recommended for effective cleaning.

To do this, place a safe & pet-friendly detergent into a basin of hot water and soak items for at least thirty minutes. After, you can brush some items that need a thorough cleaning and once you're done, rinse everything with cold water and let dry.

Note: Check any items that might need special care as your pet's belongings are made from different materials and made with different qualities. It is wise to always check proper care instructions first to avoid damaging the items.

Always brush your pet's coat. While there are some pet cats and dogs that don't shed or shed very lightly, there are also those who shed so much that it drives you insane! This being said, it is essential to take care of your pet's fur by brushing it regularly.

Another one of the smart house cleaning tips for pet owners is brushing your pet's hair regularly and on a fixed schedule (twice or three times a week). This will help lessen the amount of hair in your house and will also prevent the development of certain health problems like hairballs in cats and excessive hair loss in dogs. Plus, it's also a great bonding time for you and your pet, too!

You can also give your fur-baby skin & coat supplements to support his skin & coat health and can help keep dog's skin and coat healthy and shiny! It will reduce their dog's shedding, will help prevent itching & irritation and can even aid in hair regrowth in bald areas!

Keep your pet's nails as short as possible. Trim your pet's nails regularly or take him to a walk from time to time. Short nails will lessen the chances of your pet from scratching at your furniture, wood floors, doors, couch, carpets, etc.

Avoid messy mealtimes. Does your pet tend to end up with more food on the floor than in his mouths? Skip the scrubbing and wiping off the floor by placing washable pee pads under your pet's food and water bowls so that mess will be prevented and everything is neat & tidy.

React ASAP to accidents. Life with pets means you must be well-equipped in case accidents happen. One of the smart house cleaning tips for pet owners? Act fast and immediately clean after those accidents by using enzyme-based cleaners to help minimize stinky poo and pee smell. This will also help prevent your fur-baby from peeing on the same inappropriate spots over and over again.

But if this cleaning is too much of a trouble for you, you can, in fact, place pee pads on areas where your fur-baby loves to pee or poop. You can also have your pet wear diapers or belly bands so you won't have to worry about accidents and messy cleanups anymore.

Protect furniture. The Pet Parents® washable pee pads make a great way for you to pet-proof your furniture at home as they can be used as a cover for your furniture and floor against pet fur and scratches, while still looking nice and blending in with your house decorations. You can place these washable pee pads on areas where your dog likes to hang out, take a nap, lie down or scratch.

What's even amazing is that these washable pee pads have StickyPaw™ backing feature that grips the floor, providing an anti-slip grip so your pet won't be able to easily he drag thee pads around your house and create a disaster!

For cats and their litter boxes. Pee pads are also handy for your pet cat who is extremely messy when using the litter box at home and ends up trailing or spilling over the litter. The pee pads catch the kitty litter, and all you have to do is simply give it a shake over the garbage and throw it into the wash to freshen up the kitty litter area! Note: You can also have your pet wear diapers or belly bands in this situation. Just don't forget to change it regularly every 4 hours or when deemed necessary.

Pet Parents® products have tons of uses. We make products based on keeping your home clean and to help solve pet health problems. House cleaning tips for pet owners are indeed made easier through the help of Pet Parents products. We are hoping that both your life and your pet's life will be a lot easier, happier, and healthier from now on! *Virtual high five*