The Many Uses of Dog Belly Bands


You’ve most likely heard of dog diapers before, but just what is a dog belly band and what is it used for?

When you have a male dog who is experiencing some kind of urinary incontinence, either from a physical impairment or behavioral issue, he doesn’t require a whole diaper. In these instances, a belly band, which is also known as a belly wrap or a male dog wrap, keep the urine contained.

Here are some of the most common uses for dog belly bands:

House Training

House training a new puppy can be frustrating. And the last thing you or your new best friend needs is a household that is on edge because your puppy is having accidents. He does not mean to have accidents. He really, really wants to make you happy, but his little bladder can’t help it.

To avoid messes and unnecessary frustration, a belly band can be used. This will prevent urine stains and odors from seeping into your carper and furniture. This is also important because once a stain occurs, and no matter how well you think you’ve cleaned it up, your dog will instinctively want to keep remarking that same spot.

A couple of tips on housebreaking:

  • Be consistent – Take your dog out on regular intervals. If you’re gone all day and he does not have access to a fenced-in back yard, consider asking a neighbor or hiring a pet walker to relieve your pet in the afternoon while you and your family are away at school and work.
  • Reinforce appropriate elimination – When your dog goes outside to go potty and hasn’t made any messes inside, be sure to praise him over and over again to reinforce this appropriate behavior.

Remember, potty training is a process and it will take some time and patience.

Dog Belly Band

Eliminate Behavioral Marking

Whether we like it or not, it is a common and natural behavior for both male and female dogs to mark, though males do it far more frequently. In-tact males are the biggest culprits of this unwanted behavior and they do it to claim their territory and ward off other in-tact males. In this way, it’s not unlike a gang member using spray paint to tag their gang’s territory.

Some dogs mark from being overly excited. Let’s say a bitch suddenly comes onto the scene and she is in heat, a male dog is likely to become suddenly excited and mark. Some dogs, while visiting other people’s homes, will mark locations where other dogs have marked.

And finally, some dogs urine mark when they are feeling scared and anxious. Different situation might cause some dogs to feel anxiety, like there suddenly being new pets or new objects in the home, a new person moving into the home, or any type of conflict.

Sometimes, newly-adopted dogs, who have experienced abuse, will feel scared and anxious for a time until they learn, or relearn, to trust people. In this last scenario, extreme patience and compassion must be present.

Belly bands are great in these marking situations because once your dog learns that when he tries to mark, he’s going to pee on himself instead, he’ll be encouraged to stop the unwanted behavior.

Urine Incontinence

Urine incontinence happens when a dog that has been house-trained begins to lose control of his bladder. This may happen occasionally and only be little drips, or it can happen chronically where the dog voids large amounts of urine.

Urinary incontinence in dogs can be caused by a number of things:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Weak bladder sphincter
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Urinary stones
  • Spinal injury or degeneration (frequently seen in German shepherds)
  • Protruding intervertebral disc
  • Prostate disorders
  • Presence of other diseases that cause excessive water consumption, such as diabetes, kidney disease, hyperadrenocorticism
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Anatomic disorders
  • Certain medications

If your dog has become incontinent, it is important you bring him into your vet so he can determine what is going on and what course of treatment should be taken.

In the meantime, a belly band will help keep those urine messes at bay. Just remember to change your dog’s pad often.

A Great Travel Companion

When you know you are going on a long car trip and won’t be able to stop as many times as your dog may need (especially if your dog is a senior dog), a belly wrap can sure come in handy. Also, if your dog gets overly excited when traveling, a belly wrap can help stop any accidents from occurring in your car, other people’s homes, or your hotel/motel room.

As you can see, dog belly bands can help you and your fur baby in a lot of different situations. Pet Parents® offers the widest selection of dog belly bands online. Shop our selection and make your life stress-free.